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US based emerging afro beats giant KingKoss has a new banger dubbed “Feelin’ Irie,” featuring afrosoul sensation De-Eye.

KingKoss - Feelin’ Irie

He’s got the music world by the palm of his hands, and he is seeking to deliver marvelous damage—the kind of damage that will be felt globally; KingKoss it is, ladies and gentlemen; an US-based African musician who is at the inception of his solo career after having successfully led the versatile group ‘Blackstarx’.

KingKoss wants to break genre boundaries with his eclectic sound that will be a pure and refreshing concoction of afrobeats and hip hop. It’s the kind of delightfully charming sound that has an across-the-board appeal, and what a way to get started with that affecting banger, “Feelin’ Irie,” featuring the phenomenally talented De-eye!

“Feelin’ Irie” is the kind of track that, as soon as you listen to it, you absolutely feel addicted to it, and you know that you are going to be listening to it an awful lot of times.

There are so many likeable elements about this track: the afrobeats-flavored instrumentation is enticing, KingKoss then lusciously slinks over the melodies with his sweet-sounding and velvety vocals before sucking a listener in and hypnotizing them with that hell of an unforgettable chorus!

De-Eye then adds color and warmth with his refined vocal delivery, complementing this tune graciously.

The rap section towards the end wraps things up and brings the tune to a climax before you press the repeat button so as to get drawn into this performance all over again…this masterpiece keeps getting better with each successive listen. It is like wine—the more you sip, the tastier it gets!

“Feelin’ Irie” is the way you announce yourself to the music world if you are indeed seriously considering making global waves!

While you may have given up on weed or alcohol, I suggest that you listen to this masterpiece with your sponsor present because it is guaranteed to give you quite a euphoric excitement that can be associated with drugs!

“Feelin Irie” is the lead single off of KingKoss’ upcoming debut solo album, “I did it my way.”

What a start man; I just hope that KingKoss keeps it up because he has certainly aroused the interest of so many listeners. I, personally cannot wait for the full-length album- I have a feeling it’s the kind of music my playlist has been longing for.

Meanwhile, follow the attached link to add this banger to your library!

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