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Immerse yourself in the soul-stirring melodies of “Love Crisis II,” a creation from the mind, life, and experiences of Texas-based Kiontai Lawson.

Kiontai Lawson’s music puts an emphasis on melodies and emotions—something that is portable and can be carried outside the music, transcending mere appeal and leaving a lasting impression on a listener’s mind. With his genre-defying music, he aspires to touch and move people, just as he has been moved by the music he loves. The album, “Love Crisis I” was met with critical acclaim from fans and critics alike. It is an emotional album that recounts Lawson’s own journey in life with regards to love, heartbreak, pain, hardships, overcoming challenges, and the resilient human spirit to overcome any adversity. Lawson imbued this album with both soul and passion. To continue with this story, Kiontai Lawson returned to the studio, leading to the birth of the sequel, “Love Crisis II.”

With this new project, Lawson injects a newfound depth into his music, offering listeners a more substantial experience. Across this 17-track album, Lawson shares his deepest thoughts and experiences, collaborating with notable artists like MBK, Liliia Kysil, Fantom, and Brown Sugar, among others.

With this album, Lawson channels raw emotions into every track; love, heartbreak, pain, passion, dreams, and resilience all find their place in his lyrical and melodic tapestry. His hope is that fans will not only understand his narratives, but also find inspiration in his journey.

To satisfy your curiosity, I will delve into a few tracks that made a significant impression on me. The first masterpiece I can’t get enough of is “Good Vibes” featuring Brown Sugar. True to its title, this is a feel-good jam with positive lyrical affirmations. The DJ’s riff scratches set a scene-stealing tone, with the funky rhythm unfolding in a refined, distinct manner, striking a nostalgic chord. This tune is catchy, infectious, and danceable, and the bold and euphonious vocal delivery elevates it to new heights.

“Butterflies” is another special tour de force. It is dynamic and groove-oriented, reminiscent of late 60s and early 70s funk music. This track is all about the rhythm, featuring syncopated basslines, infectious drum patterns, and tightly interlocking grooves that compel a listener to move their bodies. At the core of the song, the bass guitar takes center stage, driving the rhythm with deep, funky lines that pulse with energy and intensity. Simply put, this is irresistible ear candy.

“Our Love, This Night” combines an old-school R&B foundation with pop undertones. The depth of lyricism is delightfully complemented by the dexterous execution of the music, warming your heart and stirring your soul, as well as soothing your spirits, thanks to that mellow blend of rhythm and melody.

“Crisis of Love” featuring electronic dance icon MBK, is lively from the get-go. The pulsating, dance-peppered rhythms and deep-driving melodies provide the perfect backdrop for the enchanting female vocals as the music resonates with euphoria, getting you to move your body with carefree abandon.

“Like That” also features a vibrant tapestry of rhythm and melody that creates this infectious appeal. The singing exudes anthemic allure, creating an irresistible soundscape that wraps around its listener like a warm embrace. The song is uplifting, emotional, and memorable.

“Runaway” is another collaborative tour de force that still lingers in the heart long after the final notes have disappeared, thanks to the memorable melodies and unforgettable lyrics and hooks. This song celebrates the power of rhythm, groove, and expression. With its infectious energy, irresistible beats, and captivating vocals, it exudes such nostalgic charm.

What I can assure anyone reading this is that “Love Crisis II” is as much about the message as it is about the groove.

Take your time, ingest the album in its entirety, and let the tracks you find most captivating make it to your favorite playlist.


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Founder of Tunepical, a blog dedicated to sharing my love of music with you. I believe that music is the key to life, and if you're listening to the right songs at the right time, everything is possible!

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