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Remarkably Gifted Songstress Kitty Monroee Is Set to Make a Decorated Comeback Into the Music Scene With the EP, “Fenix” That Will Be Officially Unveiled on All Streaming Platforms on 14th October

Kitty Monroee was born Jazzmine Harmon in West Philadelphia before her family relocated to New Castle in Delaware. As a young girl, she displayed affection towards music and dancing and her parents were quick to notice enrolling her in the historical Christiana cultural arts in Wilmington. Delaware. Here she was able to fuel her passion with influences from R&B, hip hop, jazz and others which she has in turn transformed into her music. It has not been an easy journey as Kitty Monroee developed health complications along the way after being diagnosed with tumors in her thyroid. This negatively impacted her singing voice and in the process of retraining her vocals, she discovered an affinity for rapping.

Kitty Monroee is now a multifaceted singer, rapper and dancer who has been blending the R&B, Soul and hip hop styles with ease going on to demand the attention of key Industry figures and new listeners that keep on growing each and every day. She is a conqueror and is writing her own story which will be told for generations to come. With her never-say-die attitude, she exemplifies resoluteness and fireproof commitment to keep going despite difficult circumstances.

After a long hiatus from music, she is back and this time, she is here to stay. She describes her comeback as “rising from the ashes” and is a huge testament to her victorious journey over adversities and all sorts of impediments that had been thrown her way. Kitty Monroee is set to officially drop her EP, “Fenix” on the 14th of October 2022 on all streaming platforms worldwide.

“Fenix” is a 9-track collection with very therapeutic tracks that somehow transition into one another whilst the EP manages to remain coherent and seamless as an authentic body of work. Kitty Monroee put her soul and heart into this and I will sample a few tracks from this collection to give you a picture of what to expect.

“SOS” features some beguiling keyboard euphonies right from the intro and Kitty Monroee breathes life into the narrative with her soulful vocals. The melodies here blend with a nostalgic allure that soul and R&B feel and there is a way the beats tease throughout with some background distant vocals hyping up Kitty Monroee’s own presentation. This is the kind of track that leaves a desirable taste on a listener’s ears and is the best to meditate over. The lyrics are all about love and will strike a chord with a wide range of listeners.

“The Answer is No” has a very haunting intro and it is very chilled with a laid-back melodicism accompanying it all the way. Kitty Monroee delivers with her emotion-filled vocals and comes off very honest with a sense of vulnerability which is admirable. The emotionally honest lyrics reflect a situation many of us have faced where we were left wondering whether someone was really committed or was just playing with our feelings all along!

“Late Night” is just perfect for those late-night introspections; the vintage synths, heavy bass, drums, and complex percussion blend with melodic precision and I loved how she cleverly integrates Drake’s flavor of Hotline bling in the hooks.

There is a ton more to enjoy from this collection and I’m beyond doubt that this EP will be in heavy rotation everywhere, once it drops officially on October 14th. Follow Kitty Monroee on all her platforms so as to keep tabs on her as she makes the next step towards taking her music to the top like she was primed to all along!

Kitty Monroee can be found on:

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