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KoolkidRockwell swings into summer with his captivating new single “IDK”

KoolkidRockwell is a highly rated Miami-based emcee and singer who brings a certain level of originality to rap music with his versatility and unique cadences. He’s also got a distinct voice that’s really ideal for the genre. He takes cues from the legends before him as well as everyday wins and adversities in order to create music with universal appeal. He is steadily gaining fans and critical acclaim with his bold, textured, and lyrically rich sound that takes inspiration from a broad selection of cultural influences and styles.

“IDK” is his latest banger and a track that feels worthy of the title ‘summer hit anthem’. This performance here is guaranteed to hook the listener from start to finish.

The melodious guitar melodies lay the groundwork for this captivating body of work; the signature trap hi-hats, snares, pounding drums, and atmospheric 808 then round out this banging wall of sound complemented by an earth-rattling bass that shakes the speakers to the core.

KoolkidRockwell’s distinct and auto-tuned melodious vocals then float nicely over this hypnotic concoction to fashion an epic banger that still keeps playing in your head after just one listen.

While he may come off as braggadocios, this track really is KoolkidRockwell’s ode to how he’s been coming up from rags to riches, displaying the unwavering commitment, relentless work ethic, and unbridled passion that has made him the star he is.

Brimming with those arresting hooks, “IDK” which is an acronym for ‘I Don’t Know’ gives the track that anthemic quality, and owing to how easy it is to quote, this is a sing-along anthem that anyone can get sucked into from the get-go.

Just in time for those summer events, “IDK” feels well positioned to catapult KoolkidRockwell into the reach of his loyal audience, as well as attract new listeners who love hip hop and rap.

This is what KoolkidRockwell is capable of delivering when he is in his element; follow the attached link, and if you dig the vibe, let this banger make its way into your playlist, and don’t forget to share with friends and homies.

To get up-close and personal with KoolkidRockwell, follow him on Instagram.

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