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Rapper Kory Kane Creates A Stirring Lyrical Flow With His New Single “Butterfly”

Kory Kane’s latest single is an addictive new addition to the present hip hop soundscape that promises a breath of fresh air for both its humble, honest musicality and the equally real, purposeful, and introspective nature of its concept. It strives hard to remind us of the genre’s roots in the heart and soul.

Riding the crest of a modest yet dreamy, immersive backdrop, “Butterfly” exposes Kane’s clean-cut and forthright vocal approach in a memorable way.

The tonality, the immaculate rhythm, the brilliant bars, the rhymes, and the refreshing method in which the idea of adversity and self-drive is re-crafted – all of this impresses, connect in a truly human sense, and interacts with the audience from start to finish.

Musically, Kory Kane pays homage to simpler songs of the past by focusing on a heartfelt subject matter and voice through a softly uplifting piece of music that naturally feels wonderful to retreat into. The content has depth, the delivery has quiet assurance, and the whole thing invites you to listen more than once.


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