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California-based artistic powerhouse Kryptic Heart is set to release her new mashup/cover single titled “I Refuse/Wake me up when September Ends” featuring Abfhn

Kryptic Heart epitomizes everything extraordinary, rare, unique, and authentic with her inherent artistic attributes. She sings and writes from a place of honesty, introspection, tenderness, vulnerability, and strength with her sweet-sounding soft voice and melodic foundation. She also possesses the innate competency to effortlessly move through different sounds while remaining herself and at home in them all. She has a rare and standout voice backed by an impressive range that allows her to get to the heart of every song she performs. Acclaimed for her strength and versatility, she is poised to take over the global music scene, one track at a time, with her deeply personal songwriting adopted in her music, empowering, inspiring, and entertaining audiences.

Kryptic Heart is now gearing towards the release of her new mashup/cover single dubbed “I Refuse/Wake me up when September Ends” featuring guest artist and guitarist Abfhn.

With this masterclass, she took two tracks; – “I Refuse” by heavy metal band Five Finger Death Punch and “Wake me up when September ends” by punk rock band Green Day, and made a unique mashup of her own, which she titled “I Refuse/ Wake me up when September Ends.”

Mellow and sentimental, with a deeply relevant message at its core about embracing the power to move on past our limits, she made this track her own with such graceful ease and an immensely expressive voice.

The thoughtfully played piano sets the tone for the song and offers solid support for her emotion-drenched, soft, and effortlessly powerful vocals as she lures the listener in and rewards them with a memorable performance before the guest star unleashes some acoustic guitar virtuosity with such incredible guitar picking technique to add to the track’s elegance and flair.

This track is powerful and emotional, and it connects with a listener on a deep emotional level, allowing them to find their personal relationship within the lyrics.

And you’ve got to appreciate how nothing has been overdone here; the production is crisp, and the execution is first-class!

“I Refuse/ Wake me up when September Ends” will officially debut on October 10, 2023, on all major streaming platforms.

For now, check out Green Day’s other music available on popular digital platforms and follow her everywhere for real-time updates

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