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Iowa-based up-and-coming rapper and songwriter KumTheRapper comes off as openly vulnerable in his new album, “Thoughts in my Mind”

KumTheRapper is a 23-year-old artist hailing from Iowa, right at the border with Illinois. As an up-and-comer, he feels that not enough artists are putting their feelings and souls out there in a way that their listeners can relate to. He has made it his mission to change the status quo by creating music that is open and vulnerable, drawing from real-life experiences, including the more painful ones, to make music that connects to the listener on a deep emotional level. And true to his promise, when you listen to some of his music, it’s like reliving a chapter of your own life…that deep resonance in his music is what separates him from just any other rapper!

KumTheRapper’s music is more like an enchanting journey through melodies and emotions. With his unique voice, he captures the essence of his musicality, weaving tales of self-discovery and triumph. After making waves with his previous album ‘Pain in my Mind,’ Kum is back with his equally emotional and moving new release, “Thoughts in my Mind”

With vulnerable and honest lyrics, KumTheRapper fearlessly bares his soul, crafting a powerful fusion of vulnerability and artistic prowess. Through each track, he invites listeners to immerse themselves in his melodies and embrace the power of his art. To give you a glimpse of what to expect, I am going to sample a few tracks from this impressive catalog.

The opening track “These Thoughts” centers around a deeply relevant message, underpinned by a solid beat that supports Kum’s voice and message for Kum’s voice and message to thrive. His lyrics explore the all-too-familiar situation where sometimes the dark thoughts in our minds win over the positive and more optimistic ones. You know when you feel defeated like you can’t do this any more, and it’s like your mind surrenders to its fate? Through Kum’s own lyrical conviction, listeners find their own stories reflected, enhancing the track’s deep and authentic appeal.

“Gotta Get it on my own” is another special track coming from Kum’s heart and soul as he takes us on a lyrical journey of when you are stuck in your own head and struggling with your own thoughts. The stripped-back intro sets the tone for the track before Kum breathes life into it with his emotion-drenched lyrical content that is melancholic but still inspirational.

This track is actually about growth, navigating change, and the realization that to accept change, you must let go of the past and take the lessons with you. You can never allow yourself to give up; you just have to keep moving. The guest emcee, Reezy Rollin, adds a memorable performance that perfectly aligns with the track’s essence and narrative.

In “Fell Inlove”, KumTheRapper comes off as openly vulnerable as he offers lyrics that touch on heartbreak and fragmented feelings. Drawing from his personal experiences, Kum creates a sense of familiarity that resonates with heartbroken adolescents of this generation. You can tell that he wrote this track from a personal experience and really finds that lyrical strength in his pain and vulnerability.

“I been outside” gets off to a delightfully charming guitar intro that soon blends with the deep beat before KumTheRapper jumps on it and delivers another conscious-fueled, thoughtful performance. This track is about that feeling we sometimes get where we question everything—whether the sacrifice is worth it, why we have to do all that…that feeling that we are doing too much with little to no returns.

The lines, “working working working for no reward, what do I got to show for all the sacrifice” and “Keep a smile on my face so they can’t see my pain, lost in the darkness there gotta be a light, but I can’t see it, it must not be bright, I got my goals that I wanna reach but I don’t know if they’re meant for me but I’m still outside grinding all day” really hit me in the feels.

Overall, “Thoughts in my Mind” is the kind of music the world needs right now, and that is why I am recommending this authentic body of work to you. Listen to it in its entirety, and let the tracks you dig the most find their way into your music library.

KumTheRapper is an artist poised to make a lasting impact on the music scene, and he is gearing towards that, one track at a time.


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