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UK-based independent artist Kyle Boswell’s latest single “Missing” is filled with deeply relatable emotions!

Subtly intimate and emotionally relatable is quite the music style of one gifted vocalist and songwriter, Kyle Boswell, originally from Towcester, Northants, but currently based in Nuneaton, UK, where he has been making his dreams in music come true. With pen and paper and backed by lush soundscapes, Kyle Boswell is able to transform any kind of emotion, feeling, or situation into melodies with near-universal appeal. Behind his kind, soft-spoken, and charismatic demeanor is a powerful voice that you wouldn’t imagine is his with just a quick glance at him—it feels like a kind of superpower!

Kyle Boswell is back with another touching ballad titled “Missing,” which is a highlight of his growth not only as an artist but also as a person. I feel that the melancholic vibe that this tune is built around really helps this tune feel personal and relatable. There is just a way sad-fueled music speaks straight into a listener’s heart and soul and feels deep—its effect transcends the listening gears!

The intro is laid-back, with a coruscating touch of the guitar backed by some subtle shades of percussion. Kyle Boswell then makes an entrance with his euphonious, soulful, and emotion-drenched vocals as he breathes life into this narrative, and as the emotions build, so do the melodies that make up this masterpiece!

The track takes on a livelier, rock-inspired melody that combines electronic guitars and drums. As the tension around the melodies rises, so do Kyle’s vocals to match his deep feelings of pain as he remembers someone he used to love.

There are intriguing melodic and lyrical additions to keep this tune fresh and the listener invested in its story throughout its length. I feel that the guitars are actually a strong highlight of the instrumentation and drive the spark of the melodies sensationally.

Kyle Boswell’s vocals are the kind that feels like waking up to a night of gratifying sound sleep and will have a listener mesmerized all the way!

There is a lot to like about “Missing,” with its resonance features adding to that likeability. Follow the attached link to stream this tune and add it to your favorite playlist.

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