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Colombian songstress Lau Fer comes through with an energetic and infectious debut jam dubbed “Ojito Embobao”

In the ever-evolving reggaeton, dancehall, pop, and afrobeats, a sensational and incredibly talented queen, Lau Fer emerges, shrouded in a veil of mystique that energizes the airwaves. As a professional model, her striking beauty complements her captivating vocals. She’s got the poise, elegance, and charming personality that effortlessly translate into her music as she seeks to hit listeners one banger at a time. Her wide-ranging appeal positions her for evolution into global stardom. This is enhanced by her relatable lyrical themes. For those seeking an intoxicating blend of Latin pop, reggaeton, dancehall, and Afrobeats, Lau Fer confidently asserts her presence in this genre.

Her debut single, “Ojito Embobao” marks a significant milestone in the up-and-coming artist’s career as she prepares to make her mark on the international music scene.

From the very beginning, this jam is highly melodic and filled to the brim with that quintessential Latin-infused sense of rhythm and groove, exuding a marvelously authentic slice of delectable Latin songwriting that makes you want to get up and dance along in no time.

The way Lau glides over the groove, her mellifluous vocals slinking with such attraction, is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on anyone lucky enough to come into close contact with this jam.

This is a lively, catchy, and upbeat romantic ballad with lyrics that explore how being with someone you love can completely change you and make you wildly free. Sometimes you can all be introverted and not really outgoing, and one day you’ll just meet your partner, and before you know it, you are so full of life…it’s like they unlock a certain part of you that you didn’t even know existed!

Lau has done a super fantastic job of blending an oasis of intriguing melodic ideas together with a sense of unbridled energy to give listeners an experience filled with both liveliness and charisma.

To add “Ojito Embobao” to your own playlist, check the link below and make sure you recommend it to a friend or stranger!


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