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LA-based R&B/pop superstar Lawrence Alexander is back with a new inspirational anthem dubbed “Doors”

Lawrence Alexander is a crossover R&B and pop artist who has gone on to generate buzz with his ear worm and heartfelt music. Just recently, his widespread, critically acclaimed music video for “For Sure” reached another significant milestone by winning “Best Queer Cinema” at the Rio De Janeiro World Film Festival. And when you come to think of it, all these successful stints that have flanked Alexander’s career are what inspired his new inspirational single titled “Doors.”

There were people who doubted him when he was starting this and did not really think he would amount to anything as an artist. Many doors have been closed on him, but one thing he did not do was give up; he chose to keep going, and as you know, persistence is the touchstone of excellence

Set to a vibrant and catchy R&B beat, Alexander packs an appropriate punch with his heavenly vocals that are so soulful, powerful, and carry with them deep emotions to perfectly convey the message behind the lyrics.

“Doors” is indeed an affirmation that every ending marks a new beginning and that all we experience happens for a meaningful reason. And when one door closes, another will always open for you. Trust always that life is on your side, even if what is unfolding makes no sense at all.

Packaged nicely over the lovingly arranged and woven beat and backed by one of the most beautiful vocal performances you could ever treat your eardrums to, “Doors” has all the ingredients of a radio staple and deserves to be on any music enthusiast’s playlist

Alexander also skillfully lures the listener into wanting more with that chorus that will remain with its listener outside of this masterpiece.

Already streaming on all the popular platforms, here is your chance to experience such incredible songwriting backed by a full-hearted vocal performance.

Follow the attached link to immerse yourself in this performance, and make sure to check out Lawrence Alexander on his Instagram for more regular updates.


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