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Luca Draccar Sonically Transports Us to the Moon with His Latest Project, “Leclipse.”

Luca Draccar’s impeccable body of work, straddling the realms of electronic dance music, removes the limiting factor through his enviable, wide-ranging fan base born of an unwillingness to be hemmed in by any medium or genre…here, everything goes! By listening to his music, I’ve come to understand him more; he has a curious and brave personality, all requisite traits of a forward-thinking artist whose vision is to transform emotions, events, experiences, and reveries into melodies with near-universal appeal.

This latest project, “Leclipse” is a bona fide combo of rollicking and rip-roaring fun and self-revealing moments. It’s an excellently produced and mixed, lovingly curated, and brilliantly executed EP that’s exciting and intelligent…trust me, it’s all worth listening to!

“Ready to loose control” gets things into a euphoric state with its deep-phased, synth-flavored demeanor. Characterized by the insane synth licks, deep, driving bass, and intricate percussion, this song veers into unexplored musical territories. Here you will be transported to a cyberpunk, ambient, EDM, and dreamy world that only Luca can conjure up. This track, rich in musical storytelling and ambient soundscapes, not only captivates the ear but also fills the soul with an experimental yet accessible musical world that lingers long after listening.

“Flying Satellites” is expressive in both its grandeur and scope. As the music accelerates, a listener journeys through the vast expanse of space—an ethereal realm where every note and every beat paints a different shade of the new universe for the seekers and adventurers of the eclipse! The music here becomes our guide, leading us on a cosmic adventure where the unknown is sought and becomes a canvas for our aspirations.

The last track, “I can stop” is a ride through the pixelated skylines and neon horizons where the mellow and beautifully haunting beat, complemented by the enchanting vocals, propels us forward, chasing the unknown. For maximum enjoyment, simply tune in, let go, and let the music guide you through the universe within!

“Leclipse” deserves to be in the spotlight and is la huge testament to the boundless creativity and versatility of this dynamo. Luca is simply an erupting volcano of talent; his music is a gold mine of absolute cinematic and ambient brilliance.

To sink your teeth into this transcending body of work, follow the link below and savor!

Delve into the depths of Luca’s artistry and receive exciting updates by checking him out on Instagram.

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Founder of Tunepical, a blog dedicated to sharing my love of music with you. I believe that music is the key to life, and if you're listening to the right songs at the right time, everything is possible!

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