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Upcoming Music Artist Lee Rixson Creates a Sultry Soundscape and Creative Flavors in New Single “Broken Love”

For its soothing impact that provides serenity to the mind, the burgeoning elements of Lo-Fi have become extremely common among music lovers all over the world. Lee Rixson, an established and talented singer-songwriter, has stepped into the Lo-Fi scene with his distinct skillsets and thematic perspectives, causing vibrant ripples. He recently released his latest single “Broken Love,” a classic, on major digital streaming platforms.

In  “Broken Love,” he has introduced a poised mix of electronic Music and Lo-Fi, which features a melodic flow of Lewie B’s singing finds comfort in the charismatic rhythmic cadence of Lee’s soundscape, achieved by exceptional and clever chord arrangements. The single is a mellifluous amalgamation of some of the most flexible blocks and parts of the contemporary scene, from its reinvention of syncopations to the arrangement of sound dynamics. The overall experience becomes more important to the listener as the artist lends his vocal individuality to the structure of the single.

The wistful and stylish lyrics contrast with the beats, and the production style is outstanding. The supremely talented artist hopes to engage with his fans all over the world through his empowering collection.

From a young age, the budding producer was enthralled by music in all of its forms. For years, he experimented with various musical forms and studied their elements and styles. He weaves a sequence of heart-rending melodic patterns incorporated with his moving vocal output to share his poignant thoughts. His piercing singing brings the eloquent lyrical illustrations to life. Some of his other songs, such as “Before You Go,” “Warm Your Heart,” and “rlm,” have the ability to go beyond stereotypes and express themselves in a way that allows them to create their own identity.


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