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Les Fradkin Captivates With Soulful Guitar And Layered Vocals In His Latest Single “Come To Me,” Showcasing His Musical Genius.

Les Fradkin is a modern musical master whose journey from a starring role in  “Beatlemania” to pioneering MIDI guitar invention exemplifies his distinct combination of inventiveness and technical aptitude. Fradkin, a virtuoso guitarist and forward-thinking composer, has left an unmistakable impression across genres, including rock and classical. His achievements include a 2016 Indie Music Channel Award and widespread digital praise, with over half a million downloads. Fradkin’s repertoire includes 22 solo CDs, each of which demonstrates his ability to combine the complexity of classical music with the dynamic energy of rock. With 16 #1 songs on, his impact goes beyond performance to shape the digital music industry. Les Fradkin’s legacy includes not only his music, but also his creative approach to guitar playing, making him a figure of lasting relevance in the music industry.

Les Fradkin’s latest musical project pushes the boundaries of his craft, combining his distinctive creativity with a complex tapestry of sounds. Fradkin’s newest single, “Come To Me,” is a bright demonstration of his musical abilities. From the start, the song captivates with an introduction that commands the admiration of even the most renowned musicians. The track’s heart is defined by Fradkin’s soulful guitar work and the seamless integration of his vocals, which he deftly layers as both lead and background, resulting in a resonant and immersive listen.

Fradkin’s multidimensional part in this track comprises lead and backing vocals, sophisticated Fender bass playing, and painstaking drum programming. He is joined by Loretta Pieper Fradkin, whose backing vocals lend a harmonic richness to the track. Special guests include Jerri Boccino’s background vocals, John Hawken’s emotive contributions on the Wurlitzer electric piano and Mellotron 400, Mick Ronson’s acoustic guitar, which adds warmth, and Phil Spector on the Wurlitzer electric piano, each of whom adds their own hue to the song’s sonic palette.

The lyrics to “Come to Me” explore the tremendous emotional and physical connection between two people, portraying the overwhelming sensations and deep-seated need elicited by their presence. The song describes a nightly rendezvous filled with strong sensations, fevers of excitement, and the solace found in each other’s embrace, evoking a profound tie of mutual understanding and affection. It highlights the value of physical intimacy as a source of happiness and security.

To receive a lasting impression of this magnificent work of art, click the attached link and turn up the volume as you enjoy Les Fradkin’s latest masterpiece, “Come To Me.”


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