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London-based lyricist and engineer Lil Murky’s latest masterpiece, “By My Side,” is now streaming on all platforms!

As the popularity of melodious rap with emo stylings continues to rise, so is 19 year old London-based rapper and engineer Lil Murky, who is nearing the brink of genuine superstardom with every release that he puts out there. As a musician, Lil Murky’s songwriting focuses on vulnerable, relatable lyrics coupled with earworm melodies to create an authentic sound; that’s an open invitation for the listener to hear and experience the soul behind the song. This is the sort of music that focuses on every broken heart and every wounded and fragmented feeling, drawing from his own personal experiences and finding strength in his pain and vulnerability.

Closing the distance between harmonious tender melodies and deeply sentimental poetic lyricism, Lil Murk’s latest single; “By My Side,” is an impassioned masterpiece brimming with frankness and vulnerability that listeners battling similar emotional storms might be able to find comfort in.

This tune that he made from the ground up, with nothing but the title of it and freestyling his way over beats, occasionally finding the hooks to go with it, is a story of a heart recollecting long-gone memories of nurtured love, full of ups and downs, and embracing the abrupt end of its bittersweet journey, never having reached its destination!

This is a melodic, emo-inspired composition that highlights Lil Murky’s songwriting forte, and the way the raw emotions come out via his voice has always been something to behold! The fascinating production that has been fully realized and features melodic flows that brilliantly complement the melancholic subject is why “By My Side” is a must-have in your playlist.

If there is anything that Lil Murky’s has taught us, it is that there really is no shame in vulnerability, and nothing to be gained from pushing your feelings down!

To stream “By My Side” in its entirety; follow the attached link and save this emotional banger to your library!

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