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Breast Cancer Survivor and Singer-Songwriter Linda Washington Has a New Inspiring and Enchanting Single Titled “Forever”

Linda Washington embodies the strength of a woman; she has probably been through more tragedies than a person has any right to, but instead of crumbling, here she is. She’s got that steel inside of her. She is now the voice of the voiceless, using her platforms and talk shows to reach out to millions of women who are going through cancer and/or facing other emotional turmoil. She is their pillar of strength, encouraging them to never let anyone dictate their happiness or freedom whatsoever!

Her new single “Forever” featuring Superstar Lamar is more than the warm, inviting R&B melodies; this is the voice of millions and a timely reminder that you can find your forever love in many forms and from the right people who are capable of loving and caring.

That no matter what you are going through, there is someone out there who is supposed to be with you and who can love you unconditionally. You don’t have to despair and feel sorry for your lonely self.

This tune was born from her own experiences, where she was ridiculed, beaten, and depressed when she met someone and confided in him that she was a cancer survivor. This left such a mark and bruise on her—Washington tells us that she has never dated for over a decade and still counting!

Through her own hurtful experience, she is able to create a space for positivity and hope, providing a much-needed escape for listeners who may feel stuck in similar or worse situations. Love will find you everywhere because you are not broken, just bent and bruised a little.

Linda Washington has got that angelic voice that is warm and sweet and really fits in with this kind of style. The beat has such an inviting feel to it. It’s the kind that inspires you to dance as you sing along joyfully to the easily quotable lines.

An easily likable duet, “Forever” is the anthem for anyone who has given up on love or happiness in general…this is a reminder that it doesn’t have to feel that way because no one is condemned to a life devoid of happiness or love.

Already streaming on popular channels, I have a feeling you will fall in love with this genuine composition that has been delivered from Linda’s heart and soul.

For more information on Linda Washington, check out her website, and follow her on Instagram.



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