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The Sky Can Never Be the Limit for Lines in The Sky’s Hit Single, “Speed”.

Lines in The Sky Speed

While good music can mean different things to different people, there are industry-altering sounds with a timeless spell to keep multiple generations constantly entertained. Such sounds present an accurate depiction of the ancient adage that the cream always rises to the top. Well, talking about the top without mentioning “Lines in The Sky is an utter disgrace. In fact, this Nashville-based rock trinity is the express embodiment of what it means to climb and camp at the summit of astounding artisanship. It has truly been a long while since our eardrums and heartbeats were blessed with a magical creativity that matches Mother Nature’s rhythmic effortlessness to the letter.

This creativity is the chief reason why this band’s enchanting jingles have become the melodic bread and butter for millions of fans around the world.  Along with their master musicianship, LITS’ rapid rise to the pinnacle of the global music charts has been a site to behold. Since the release of their debut album, “Hilasterion” in 2014, this prog-rock ensemble’s popularity has been spreading like wildfire. From viral social media engagement to constant radio airplay and stellar live performances, it is crystal clear that we have a trans-generational sensation on our hands.

Their latest single, ‘Speed”, has left music enthusiasts in an uncontainable craze.  If truth be told, most of them are yet to come to terms with the sonic sounds, energetic beats, and poetic phrases that characterize this mellifluous track. From start to finish, this song encapsulates what happens when raw, euphonious talent meets expert composing and lyrical genius. Just like a painting wizard uses his mystical brush to charm his masterpiece into existence, LITS has invested unquestionable brilliance into producing this contemporary jingle.

The manner in which the muffled but funky bass line caresses your heart into submission within a matter of seconds is truly epic. I also love how delightful goose bumps fill your being, like a mighty rushing breeze, when the resonant vocals finally calm the initial instrumentation’s gentle storm. It won’t take long for you to be smitten by this song’s beautiful but unpredictable flow. Never in my life have I witnessed a soloist’s voice embracing the instrument’s background symphony like a long lost lover who has found his way back to intimacy. If you are looking to inject a little bit of zest into life’s quintessential monotony, listening to “Speed” will be synonymous to hooking your soul to a six-foot roller-coaster. You can also catch up with Lines in The Sky on:

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