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EDM producer MNEXSIS and singer LINE$$A are set to drop their new melodic techno jam “Hypnotic”

The air is thick with anticipation, and the excitement is palpable thanks to the upcoming collaborative tour de force “Hypnotic” by Sweden-based electronic dance music producer MNEXSIS and underground singer LINE$$A. The two of them met through TikTok as MNEXSIS was promoting the release of this jam, and it really struck a chord with LINE$$A who reached out to MNEXSIS and requested they work together; his dazzling, melodic, and infectious rhythms providing an ideal backdrop for her super sexy, haunting, and sultry vocals. As luck and fate would have it, we are now bound to receive a masterpiece in melodic techno transcendence when the date strikes June 20th, 2024…we are now talking about just a matter of days.

The few snippets both MNEXSIS and LINE$$A have posted on various social media platforms, especially TikTok, have garnered massive positive reactions as dance music fanatics immediately identify with its haunting allure and wish to listen to more of it.

The little I have also listened to was more than enough to convince me that “Hypnotic” is a banger that is expected to dominate the airwaves and clubs once it drops.

More than the sheer elegance of its infectious melodies and rhythms, backed by the sweet-sounding and enchanting vocals, “Hypnotic” is a testament to the beauty of collaboration. This is really what happens when two incredibly gifted musicians come together, each recognizing what the other is worth.

As the music world awaits something captivating and irresistible, MNEXSIS and LINE$$A are not tired of reminding us that the pre-save link for the jam is already out and can be accessed in each of their social media bios.

To put yourself a step ahead when this masterpiece finally drops, take the extra step of pre-saving it and spreading the world while at it.

While I don’t pride myself on possessing the visionary gifts of a seer, I can already see a bright future for this banger once it drops, and I know that time will vindicate me!

Follow both MNEXSIS and LINE$$A everywhere, keep calm, and pre-save “Hypnotic.”



Tiktok: MNEXSIS (@mnexsisofficial) | TikTok



Tiktok: IamLinessa (@iamlinessa) | TikTok

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