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Seasoned Jamaican Band Link & Chain Delivers Yet Another Epic-Sounding and Authentic Inspirational Single Titled “Let Your Light Shine”

Link & Chain is a 4-piece band built around sound-rich and impactful music with roots in cultural reggae music. Their breakthrough has been a process and not an event, coming through the ranks from way back in the 1990s when they started doing music to presently where they have made themselves a household name in reggae music not only in Jamaica but all over the world. A band that has been able to break through with style and authenticity, Link & Chain have always built their music around a firm foundation of relevancy by creating real-life inspired songs that carry with them a deeply meaningful message and are delivered in a way listeners of all ages can be able to relate with.

When I received a notification that Link & Chain had a new single, I was head over heels because while I am never certain about many things in life, I am never in doubt that any record released by Link & Chain bears certified status and I was right; “Let Your Light Shine” is a masterpiece in inspirational reggae music transcendence!

From a basic point of view, you will of course notice the indestructible chemistry that this band posses which has been a result of years of working and growing together and also the deep musical understanding that each member brings to the table.

This track has so many admirable features as it trickles down right from the theme-perfect inspired cover art down to the melodious reggae beats that result from the way the guitars, drums and keyboard are performed with such virtuosity and showmanship.

The band then breathes life into the narrative with a genre-perfect vocal presentation in typical reggae style giving this tune its infectious and catchy elements that are easy to identify this particular track with.

The inspirational words behind the lyrics are a reminder to anyone to start listening to the whispers of the great genius who slumbers within us, to remember who you truly are, and reaccess that supreme self, abundant with creativity, potency, invincibility and in the process, be who you were meant to!

There you go folks; “Let Your Light Shine” is the track to get you motivated and ready to face the festive season as you prepare for the New Year!

To stream “Let Your Light Shine” and induct it into your playlist; follow the attached link and don’t forget to share this masterpiece everywhere!

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