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Experience the heart-pumping, euphoric energy of UK-based DJ LKE’s invigorating set at Gravity – Liverpool.

With his skilled fingerprints, the UK-based DJ LKE has proved to be a real crowd-pleaser with his authentic mixes that captivate revelers.

As a DJ he presents a fresh new perspective when it comes to DJing with his unique blend of electronic music consisting of a distinctive mix of multiple styles, including house and progressive elements, reaching out to a plethora of different listeners from all walks of life.

This innovative and resourceful DJ also has a unique innate competency to put together distinctive sounds and samples, creating high-aptitude soundscapes and breathtaking mixes, all while maintaining a consistent brand.

The 1-hour, 21-minute mix is part of his 3-hour set at the Gravity event that occurred on September 16th this year in Liverpool. What you get here is the perfect mix for that holiday getaway, with music that transports you from one sonic universe to the next.

Brimming to the core with adrenaline-fueled, heart-pumping, and irresistible energy, even time eludes you as you get completely immersed in such an exciting and fulfilling mix as you dance like no one’s watching with the volume turned all the way up!

Apart from intoxicating crowds with his lively mixes at festivals and nightclubs across the UK, LKE also hosts two weekly shows on Bigo Live UK.

Take a listen here and immerse yourself in a unique auditory experience.


Follow LKE on Instagram and check out the website at for more information.

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