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Broward-based lo-fi hip-hop artist longsleeveunder delivers a beautifully haunting performance with his new single, “35”

Based out of Broward, Florida, longsleeveunder is an up-and-coming artist who is demonstrating a willingness to push boundaries and explore new sounds with his lo-fi inspired hip-hop style and unique lyrical content that explores mental health, addiction, empowerment, love and loss, and many other relevant and socially conscious issues. This sets him apart from other upcoming artists because he is not afraid of tapping into his vulnerability in order to create music that has universal appeal and still reaches the core of emotional gratification.

Longsleeveunder is making his mark following the release of his new single “35,” a modern lo-fi masterpiece with rap-fueled lyrical content that was inspired by mental health challenges.

Exploring sound and emotion vividly with his distinct voice, longsleeveunder delivers an innovative and accessible piece of music that connects deeply with the listener.

This performance is meant to offer solace to anyone going through emotional turmoil, with its raw, honest, and deeply personal delivery. You can feel it; it moves you and allows you to find your own relatability, and that is why this is such a standout performance worthy of critical praise.

The thing about tracks like “35” is that you put it in your own perspective when you first hear it, so being able to relate to it that quickly is something that has a way of wrapping itself around you, and when that happens, the track becomes yours, and that’s something you don’t get a lot from new music today.

A strong aspect of this masterpiece is the actual performance and heart that went into it, which are just oozing out of every note, keeping the drive and emotional platform heavy.

To listen to this mesmerizing and deeply relevant performance, follow the attached link and add it to your library for repeat listening experiences.

To keep up with longsleeveunder, follow him on his official Instagram page.

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