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Dainty, Tender, Kind, Proper, Refined and Soft Lorelei Roux Manifest Her Healing Abilities With Exceptionality and Genuine Creativity To Produce a Full-scale Orchestra “Unstoppable”

Lorelei Roux Unstoppable

Gen X artist with the wisdom and mastery of her domain, Lorelei Roux is a philanthropist in her own reach, a seeker-at-once a dominion of her own history and an interpreter of philosophies surrounding the unknown. Talk about Magic! She has accepted the call to deploy her fullest talents, magnify her spectacular strengths, multiply her happiness as we as well as that of others and discovered a paradise of peace within her that no outer event could possibly reduce. This is how she has become undefeatable, unbreakable and a true master of her domain. She is a wonder of the world, in her own way.

Her composition “Unstoppable” is the work of a genius as the complex blending of instruments creates a strong tune that is rich with a magnitude of intense feelings, heightening your brain receptors, blinding you and leaving you speechless. The complex blending of the piano, guitar and other multiple instruments up to a full-scale create an orchestra worthy of an Oscar presentation. This one will take any lover of the instrumental kind of music to another realm where you wouldn’t want to come back. She has shown exceptional skills in the handling of the various instruments with the tune shimmering on with the climactic moment placed perfectly in between the melodic contours. The strong rhythm emanating from this colorful tune allows the enthralling medal the luxury of morphing a crossbreed of genres that are contained in its immaculate sensation; Country, Classic R&B/Soul, Dreamy Pop, Funk and soft rock. Borrowing from a comment by David on You Tube, “This one feels like a secretly shampooing at the hairdresser.”

The video production further intensifies the feeling at you will want to listen to the melody on repeat just like the animated girl on the video who seems to have let go of all her troubles, worries and surrendered herself to the soothing ensemble unfolding between her ears. This is a redemption tune that has been crafted with scrupulous attention and delivered genuinely with the passion of an incredible artist. She has been schooled in the school of philosophy and methodology and she has found her inherent power to do astonishing things, “Unstoppable” is one of them and her other equally transformative philosophical tunes include, “Can I Bum A Smoke?,” “SUBURBΔN NOTHING,” “Sweat,” “Circle,” “Dance Pet Go,” and “Dream of life.”

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