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Glasgow-based singer-songwriter Luchi returns with yet another personal and emotional performance in his new single, “Fix This Love.”

Music has been an integral part of Luchi’s life from a young age, a journey well documented in his biography. His songs can be described as both lyrical and intimate. His emotive storytelling draws from his own real-life experiences, which makes it more intimate and resonant with the listener. Luchi has been winning over hearts with his honest and vulnerable approach to songwriting, which ultimately enables listeners to find their own stories within his words, a feat of which he can be justifiably proud. He draws inspiration from artists like Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith, whose powerful yet nuanced work epitomizes the intimacy Luchi strives for in his music. The impressive listener statistics demonstrate that his music is resonating beyond the UK, captivating an increasingly global audience with his artistry and originality.

He is back with another profoundly touching and personal single dubbed “Fix This Love”—a song he describes as one of the saddest and hardest songs he has ever written.

Often, addiction is discussed lightly until it impacts us personally, and then we understand the magnitude of the suffering it causes. The impact of addiction extends beyond those directly fighting it, and that is why this tune resonates from start to finish.

As Luchi delves into the depths of his own experiences being with someone who was addicted and plunging deep into it, pushing loved ones away, and risking damage beyond repair, the polished piano tones set the tone for this jam.

As the song progresses, the string instruments add more depth and intensity, and Luchi’s voice carries such effortless power and intense emotions as he pours all of himself into this deeply moving performance.

With this song, Luchi hopes that it makes you feel less alone and really provides solace to anyone going through something similar. It is okay to ask for help instead of succumbing to ruin.

To stream and add this song to your library, follow the provided link, and please recommend the jam to others as well.


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