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Christmas Comes Early as Florida-based Latin Pop Artist Luna O’Cero Delivers a Showy Performance in His New Single, “Let It Snow”

Luna O’cero was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic before he migrated to the USA when he was aged 20 years. He always possessed a penchant for music and started writing in his early teenage years. He released his debut project back in 2008 and although it was not much of a success, he did not give up. He instead chose to continue working hard and sharpening his skills and 10 years later he fine-tuned some of the tracks from his first album, and added others for a new album 11-piece titled, “Tiene Sabor.” He is now set to add a few specific details to this album and the release is a seamless and coherent masterpiece that will be released soon.

While we wait for the outcome of that, Luna O’cero has something special for you; Christmas certainly comes early as Luna O’cero delivers a salsa-inspired masterpiece titled “Let It Snow.” I am yet to meet someone who doesn’t prefer music that makes them want to move their bodies and no matter how physically inactive you might be, “Let It Snow” is irresistible; there is certainly no way you will be able to resist its charms!

In true fashion to what is a Cuban-influenced musical genre, “Let It Snow” has a complex clave-driven rhythm that features blends of exuberant horns with the pailas and bells that emanate an undoubtedly likable melody that literally moves a listener. All this is of course underscored by that effortless powerful vocal presentation from the one and only Luna O’cero to highlight such a complete performance that you simply cannot get enough of!

Luna O’cero really knows his craft and in typical salsa music fashion; Luna O’cero lets “Let It Snow” feel catchy, sensual, and easy to dance to. I might have an idea for anyone who might find themselves stuck in a conundrum where they enjoy the track but have both left feet; worry no more, just search for a salsa dance tutorial on YouTube so as to get acquainted with those break steps and spins and once you feel like a pro, revisit, “Let It Snow” and perfect your newly acquired dance skills to this joyous masterpiece- how about that (lifesaver, right!)

“Let It Snow” is now available for streaming; follow the attached link and let this track put you in high spirits and ready for the festive season!

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