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Florida-based hip hop and rap emcee M1H1 is poised to heat up the summer with his new hit dubbed “No Time”

An exceptional emcee, Orlando, Florida-based hip hop artist M1H1 has been turning heads with his versatility and epic innovation around hip hop and rap to come up with a universally appealing sound that demonstrates both a broad range and versatility. He started making music in 2016 but really established himself in the year 2018 with the hit tune “4074life,” which shed a brand new light as far as Orlando’s underground rap is concerned. His style is all about hope and message—two core pillars embedded in his artistry!

On July 7, 2023, M1H1 is set to take over the airwaves with his new smash hit dubbed “No Time,” a masterclass in hip hop and trap featuring rap and R&B star RHY, who adds to the track’s depth, structure, and appeal.

“No Time” features a heavy production with a deeply atmospheric beat that features the bouncing snares, the pounding hi-hats, the signature 808 beats and an earth-shaking bass that is guaranteed to have you amped up as soon as you press play.

Just in time for these summer events, “No Time” feels perfectly positioned to catapult M1H1 into the hands of eager fans as he goes on to redefine entertainment and empowerment with this groundbreaking release that so many listeners cannot wait to get their hands on!

A track like “No Time” epitomizes M1H1’s musical journey so far; always inventing and coming harder with tracks that ooze charisma, raw talent, and deserved acclaim.

The rap music scene is eagerly anticipating this upcoming release that is guaranteed to chart playlists left, right, and center.

In order to receive real-time updates, make sure you follow M1H1 everywhere and mark July 7, 2023, on your calendar because “No Time” is not the track you want to miss out on.

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