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Highly rated independent UK producer Maddera showcases his ear for innovative beats with the jam “Gifted” off of his “Generic, Vol.2” album.

Rapidly and rightfully rising through the ranks, Maddera is a name you need to familiarize yourself with. Beyond gifted, this musical maestro’s journey has been marked by constant evolution, growth, and discovery, and his being here is not only a testament to his humongous talents that flank him but also to his unwavering spirit, resilience, and undeterred focus in relentless pursuit of excellence. He started merely as a beat maker but swiftly expanded his creative vision by leaning into recording, mixing, and mastering vocals, working with local gifted artists—him laying the ice for which the artists skate on with his innovative beats and the artists breathing life with their lyrical and vocal prowess. Now that you are here, expect the unexpected. Dress up, sit up, and fasten your seatbelt, for you are in for one hell of a rollercoaster ride!

At the moment, the airwaves belong to Maddera and his latest album, “Generic, Vol.2,” a sequel to his critically acclaimed Vol. 1. This project features 18 hip-hop and rap-inspired soundtracks as Maddera and his collaborator Bobbeats tap into uncharted territories for your own musical pleasure.

“Gifted” is track number 1 off of this album, and what a masterpiece this is! Right from the opening notes, you can feel that this is something serene with a deep and densely haunting rhythm and sound that is more felt and less heard.

The keys are striking, ebbing, and flowing with a melodious feel that feels like an experience down a tentative highway. The bass underscores the dense nature of the track, and those distinctively solid effects give it a cinematic thrill.

The organic guitars add to the song’s real, almost tangible impact, elevating it to new heights. In a nutshell, “Gifted” is an immersive listening experience with replay value. It is guaranteed to continue haunting you even after it is no more. To counter this effect, you are highly advised to listen to it on repeat.

Imagine that this is what Maddera is capable of; creating hauntingly beautiful music that is both transportative and one that benefits from dexterous execution. Oh yeah, I Know; I’d want to be him too!

Listen to “Gifted” and since it is a guarantee that you will fall in love with it, add it to your playlist. Since Maddera has already left an impression on you, stream “Generic, Vol. 2” in its entirety. You will not be disappointed. That, I can promise!


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Founder of Tunepical, a blog dedicated to sharing my love of music with you. I believe that music is the key to life, and if you're listening to the right songs at the right time, everything is possible!

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