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American Heavy Metal Rock Outfit Manhack’s “Blastatorium” Is Now Available for Streaming Worldwide Across All Platforms!

For over a decade now, American metal band Manhack’s music has been an indelible part of metal and hard rock history. Their brilliant pounding rockers convey simple as much as hard truths through sophisticated, pioneering musical arrangements within the realms of heavy rock. They have transcended their music and have come to represent Georgia culture. Through their high-spirited, adventurous rock music, Manhack have been providing fans around the world with a passport to experience love, youthful exuberance, and profound insanity.

They are still raring to go, with sights set on becoming one of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful bands of all time, and their influence on other artists spans musical genres and movements. For now, they are a beloved rock institution that remains iconic in and out of Georgia as they swiftly spread their wings to have a global presence.

Manhack also prides themselves on having 360-degree control of their music, from writing, recording, mastering, releasing, and distribution. After much teasing on the release of their sixth new song, the much-awaited banger, “Blastatorium,” is finally with us, and all I can say is that it was actually worth the wait!

Delivered with an epic  accompanying video as Part 2 of a two-part series centered around the old 60’s film, “The Phantom Planet,”  Blastatorium is a re-recorded and re-rewritten version of the band’s 2016 EP and title track, “Rustatotium.” This track actually came as a realization when the former band’s drummer started playing around by adding blast beats on the chorus of the 2016 version, and it really stuck such that the band decided to run with the idea, and that is how this re-written/re-recorded version was born.

“Blastatorium” is undoubtedly the perfect mix of attitude, messaging, and sound. The track starts out with a strong guitar riff that lays the foundation for the melody to stick. The lead vocalist then enters the fray with his death growl singing style perfectly pertaining to the genre appeal of heavy metal rock.

“Blastatorium” really is a powerful, anthemic metal track that has a howling presence. Through the guitarist’s animated tantrums, the bassist’s brutal will power, and the brawling vocalist’s untamed determination, a listener gets to experience Manhack’s passion firsthand!

The fast-paced, distorted riffs really add to that howling presence and give this track its cinematic touch, and I love how the chorus section impeccably emulates that metal rock feel, acting in perfect sync with the vocalist’s menacing presentation!

The music video is an undeniable eye-catcher; – part two of the two-part series centered around the old 60’s Film, “The Phantom Planet”, you are bound to love every second of it. It really heightens the impact of the track tenfold…adding that tension and edge to keep a listener heavily invested in its entirety and still coming back for more. It is like watching your favorite blockbuster film with your favorite soundtrack to go with it!

Genre wise, “Blastatorium” is drenched in heavy metal rock, showcasing once more the instrumental prowess possessed by Manhack. This is what metal rock is all about, and I can’t stress enough how this is just the perfect distillation of timeless musicianship and progressive sound mechanics!

That raw intensity of the guitar riffs are actually my favorite bits- there is just a way you just get sucked in and you just lose all control of yourself- moving with reckless abandon to their pace!

Manhack are also actively looking for a drummer…so if you know you possess the necessary skillset or know someone who fits the bill, tell them to get in touch with Manhack as soon as possible!

As for now, there is only one way the roads are leading, and that is to watch the “Blastatorium” cinematic music video as they savor this epic banger. Don’t get left behind…follow the attached link!




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