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London-based Croatian female singer-songwriter Martha May delivers a heartfelt performance in her new single “Distance”

Martha May, a creative soul kind at heart, is currently based in London, Martha May adopts an intimate and unique approach to music, paying meticulous attention to detail, and genuine passion that she infuses into her musical creations, creating special music that offers solace to so many listeners thanks to its deeply relatable topics and just how graciously performed it is. Martha hopes her music resonates with people of all ages and inspires them to shine and be their best selves.

She imbues her music with the same passion that it, in turn, evokes in her, even though her brand consistently leans towards pop,, genres and styles are secondary. Martha showcases an emotive inclination that consistently shapes the melodies she crafts.

Her single “Distance” emphasizes the lyrics and melody equally. Her angelic and mellifluous voice becomes the scale that measures the balance, and it is all organic in feel as well. Untouched by production, her sweet-sounding voice is as raw and real as it can be.

The tune showcases a melodic guitar intro, setting the stage for Martha’s shine. As the melodies rise, so does her voice, projecting the deep emotions of love and thoughts on long-distance relationships that inspired this piece.

The track reaches a crescendo with that unforgettable chorus that sees Martha pack such an appropriate punch to ensure the track takes residence in your brain for as long as it can. And this right here is the mark of a golden composition!

“Distance” is Martha’s reassuring inner voice that channels emotions along with a charismatic display of her range, and it is such a joy to get lost in this performance completely.

Martha’s voice beautifully captures the raw emotions while the accompanying visuals of the music video paint a heartfelt picture, encapsulating the essence of the song.

I have a feeling you’re going to fall in love with this performance just from one listen; to find out, follow the attached link, make sure you subscribe to Martha May’s YouTube channel, like this music video, and share your thoughts under the comment section.

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