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American singer-songwriter and producer Mathew Stegner’s “Layers Apart the Earl Green Theory” showcase the artist’s boundless creativity as a storyteller

Niches are about borders and frontiers… Mathew Stegner likes to explore a variety of genres and instruments with a profound belief that what connects us all musically is the inherent human instinct to create and manipulate sound, similar to our ancestors’ urge to make music from simple, accessible materials. Music generally transcends constraints and in today’s unsettling times, when our tribal impulses can take on a much darker countenance, Matthew is very interested in exploring these primal sound origins to address the many societal issues that confront us today. Whatever the song’s approach may be, he will try to reach out to our common DNA.

His music is really unique and evocative. His new album, “Layers Apart the Earl Green Theory” is a 14-track compilation of his music performed with his band EARL GREEN with a host of fan favorites that have been performed live in the past few years.

“The First Time” is really catchy and evocative, with Mat delivering a fantastic bit of adrenaline-fueled rock with this raw masterpiece. A straightforward alternative rock song with plenty of swagger, color, and attitude, this track features insane guitar riffs, powerful drumming, and melodic bass lines that serve as the perfect backdrop for his rich and captivating vocals.

This track is highlighted by an unforgettable hook and singalong chorus that are crowd pleasers. This is quite simply one of those tunes that translates well to the stage and is guaranteed to bring down the house. Fans of refreshingly pure, uncut rock music will undoubtedly love this song thanks to its unwavering authenticity, which proves the genre is as vibrant as ever.

“One Light” is full of gloriously melodic thrills, an unapologetically straight-to-the-point alternative rocker that revels in its definite sense of musical identity and brilliantly brash demeanor. Mat really serves up a sonically exciting tune that combines flamboyant performances with a ton of personality, resulting in a track that has a definite sense of swagger that listeners will find both refreshing and quite simply fun.

“Little Dreamer” is another deeply haunting masterpiece with impressive drum hits and charming guitar licks. Mat brings a relaxed approach and pastoral feel to this track that features fantastic instrumentation, earworm-inducing vocals that add another nice layer to the overall track. A track like this is less heard and more experienced thanks to the sheer level of lyricism and melodicism at its core.

That intriguing guitar set the tone for the song, “Goodbye” displaying such impeccable guitar-picking technique as Mat’s emotion-drenched vocals take the listener into a world of his own creation. The tune brims with melody and bursts with sublime guitar virtuosity, combining a marvelous sense of showmanship with awe-inspiring musicality.

Tell you what, in the realm of musical anomalies, Mat sits comfortably atop the hierarchy as a phenomenal deviation from the expected and the ordinary; – this compilation album is proof of that!

No matter what interests come and go, one thing will always remain the same; his love for music. His aspiration is to tell his own stories using his own voice and hope that the listener finds their own stories within his lyrics.

A multifaceted artist by any measure, Mat has harnessed a fervor for music and unending dedication, building such an impressive discography, challenging the status quo with his unique, non-cookie-cutter sounds, and delivering listeners with experiences worth remembering.

What a listener can expect from “Layers Apart the Earl Green Theory” is relatable storytelling, emotive delivery, and a cathartic listening experience.

Follow the link below and let the music speak for itself!

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