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Ottawa-Based EDM Maestro, Matt Gingrass, Unveils A Stunning Evolution In His Latest Bass House Offering, “Against Me”

Exploring the exciting arena of electronic dance music (EDM), we are introduced to the prodigious talents of Matt Gingrass, who, with his latest composition, “Against Me,” exemplifies an impressive evolution of his artistry. Coming from the engaging city of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, this 29-year-old maestro of EDM has rapidly made a significant impression within the industry, captivating audiences with his unparalleled prowess from an early age of 16.

As a self-learned virtuoso, Gingrass has ventured into a plethora of sonic domains in his career, initially gaining recognition for his infectious dance-pop creations. However, his recent masterpiece uncloaks a mesmerizing transition into the intriguing sphere of Bass House.

“Against Me” is a testament to Gingrass’s commitment to carving out a distinctive sound identity. Propelled by an unfaltering desire to stir deep emotions within his listeners, he infuses this composition with an amalgamation of celestial melodies and painstakingly tailored basslines.

With this emotive narrative, “Against Me” acquires a more profound dimension through vocal interplay. The track features the voice of a female vocalist, whose hauntingly beautiful melodies weave seamlessly with Gingrass’ sonic fabric, adding an exquisite touch to the composition. Her vocals ascend effortlessly, striking a chord with the listener’s heart, as she vivifies the lines that express the longing and uncertainty pervasive in the song.

Curiously, amid this sonic landscape, a male vocalist’s voice resonates, amplifying the line “go hard in the paint with the mic…”. This mysterious male persona injects a counterpoint of raw energy, symbolizing the internal struggles and battles encountered in the pursuit of love and understanding. The fusion of these distinct vocal expressions elevates “Against Me” into an auditory paradise, where emotional intricacies are articulated through a symphony of voices, each contributing its unique tone to the overall sonic tableau.

The lyrics of the track highlight Gingrass’ emotional depth, encapsulating his introspective journey’s essence. Phrases such as “Do your heart be, up against me, are we working,” ignite a sense of longing and uncertainty, creating a visceral connection with the listener. Gingrass expertly weaves a narrative of yearning and desire, intertwining it with the intoxicating energy that vibrates throughout the track.

The enthralling production of “Against Me” escorts the audience into a transcendent state of sonic bliss. Gingrass demonstrates his adeptness in the Bass House genre, meticulously carving a sonic landscape that fuses celestial elements with invigorating beats. The hypnotic basslines pulsate throughout the track, driving the rhythm with unwavering tenacity.

For those in search of a captivating auditory adventure that blurs boundaries, I strongly suggest diving into “Against Me”. With its evocative lyrics and mesmerizing production, I found myself entranced by the emotional voyage it guided me on.

To delve into this impressive work of art, follow the link below. Stay updated with Matt Gingrass’ musical journey by following him on Instagram.


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