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London-based producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Maxi Curnow delivers a beautifully dissonant performance with “Beautiful Shell”

Maxi Curnow, a UK-based artist, is not only a producer and composer, but also a director, filmmaker, and mastering engineer. He builds music for the most part using computers and synthetic sounds in his mastering studio, “Horizon Mastering” but he is not an artist you can relegate to any one electronic sound. In fact, his music can be tagged as a mix of styles and genres such as post-rock, alternative rock, ambient, new age, experimental, and orchestral pop, some of them instrumental and imbued with a progressive feel.

His latest single, “Beautiful Shell”, showcases his stunning artistry, favoring melody, atmosphere, drone, and dissonance over technical competency or radio-friendly formats.

This track pulses with irresistible and feisty riffs and pounding drums, giving it that industrial feel with a classic fuzzy vibe. On the mic, Maxi balances smooth and aggressive, near-growling vocals according to the track’s intensity and rhythmic balance.

“Beautiful Shell” features a deeply relevant theme at its core: technology. A topic that has always drawn contentious debates from far and wide Contemporary issues it tackles include AI and social media.

AI, rightly raising numerous concerns, along with social media, contributes to pressure and a host of insecurities. This powerful and emotive performance also serves as a reminder to the listener to just breathe and take it easy, don’t be too hard on yourself. Like he sings in that memorable chorus, “It’s enough to be yourself”

This proper rock masterpiece, with hardcore and alternative elements, possesses an impeccable combination of color and edginess that leaves you feeling like you’re soaring!

“Beautiful Shell” is now streaming on popular streaming platforms. Follow the attached link and let the music fuel your own wide-eyed creativity. And because sharing is caring, how about you spread the word?

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