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Miami-based artist Mehdi TNT has a new high-energy, lively track dubbed “Maria”

Mehdi TNT is a versatile artist originally from Brussels, Belgium, but currently based out of Miami. He introduces a distinctive and innovative sound with roots in reggae and Latin music mixed with innovative lyrics and depth. Known for captivating vocals and heartfelt songwriting, his music is always a seamless fusion of production expertise and his distinctive artistry. He has gone on to developed an impressive discography, with his music garnering critical acclaim and widespread recognition from industry players, fans, and critics.

He is back with a new, unique sound that resonates with listeners on a deeply engaging, danceable level; “Maria” is the kind of music that invites you to get up and dance as soon as the beats start kicking in.

Highly melodic and featuring an impressive dance rhythm with an inescapable reggaeton-infused sense of rhythm and Latin groove, “Maria” is a terrifically genuine slice of spicy French songwriting that makes you want to get up and dance with reckless abandon.

Mehdi has done such a fantastic job of blending a plethora of captivating melodic ideas together with an irresistible sense of unrestrained energy to provide listeners with a memorable experience filled with both liveliness and charisma.

That sense of energy this tune has is particularly strong and contagious, made so by the wonderfully engaging performances that fill the song from head to toe. Reggaeton music is easily one of the most danceable styles of music there is, and it has this undeniable power to make people want to move; “Maria” is no exception. Within its first few seconds, my body had already begun to subtly move in time with the beat.

On the mic, Mehdi TNT packs such a powerful punch with his impeccable flows and emotive delivery, creating deep resonance. There is also a subtle foreboding feeling reflected by the track’s theme about forbidden love.

“Maria” is already streaming on all the popular platforms; follow the attached link and let this banger uplift your playlist!

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