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The Sensational Mélanique Tugs at the World’s Heartstrings with Accomplished Performance in Her Latest Jam “Runnin’ with It (All Mine)”

A Haitian-Bahamian singer-songwriter and swiftly rising R&B and pop queen, MÉLANIQUE has set the bar higher with her latest jam inspired by love and intimacy “RUNNIN’ WITH IT (ALL MINE)”- a staggeringly outstanding catchy and vibrant track that makes you want to dance like no one’s watching and sing like no one’s listening to its infectious beat and lyrics!

Maintaining a strong presence throughout and exuding such charm and confidence, MÉLANIQUE is fully equipped with a repertoire of tried and tested standards. Conjuring up her island experiences and aspiration to carry forward the culture, rhythms, and stories of her heritage, she delivers a first-class performance worthy of her title!

Simply put, this is excellent musicianship combined with an undeniably entertaining performance. The upbeat music combined with catchy lyrics makes people of all ages want to sing along.

This is a captivating, high-energy performance that transports the audience to MÉLANIQUE’s world as she blends musicianship, creativity, and culture… it’s a veritable treasure trove of musical delights!

She hits all the right notes with her mellifluous vocals, packing such a powerful punch with her expansive range, giving this tune a broad appeal thanks to the many elements that have been harmoniously blended together into one captivating body of work.

The R&B foundation, underscored by her charming voice, is well supported by the pop and afrobeat sensibilities, making for a song with that cross-genre appeal.

The music video is another strong highlight of this jam; it perfectly complements it both in narrative and mood, with the eye-catching visuals hooking a viewer from start to finish!

This is a bona fide anthem right here and the perfect song to boost any mood or setting; it does not matter whether you’re listening from the comfort of your home, in company with friends and family, or enjoying a night out, when this jam starts playing, you can’t resist its energy and vibe!

To catch the vibe, follow the link below, subscribe to MÉLANIQUE’s YouTube channel, like this epic visual, leave a comment, add the song to your library, and recommend it to your friends, family, and lovers!

To get up close and personal with MÉLANIQUE, follow her on Instagram.

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