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Gifted artist and rapper Mellah Nix challenges the status quo of hip-hop and rap with his latest mixtape, “King Hyena.”

When it comes to today’s music, especially hip-hop, digital, and mixed media, artist Mellah Nix believes that many artists are hesitant to venture into uncharted territories, leading to a stagnant and unexciting sound in the genre. He represents one of the few artists who have decided to create what he wishes existed more in the music industry. He is a maverick and a trailblazer, and his musical journey is characterized by his flair for versatility and adaptability. Beyond merely conjuring music, Nix’s background in digital creativity significantly influences his approach, ethics, and values, bringing a unique, well-rounded perspective to his music.

When you listen to his “King Hyena” mixtape, for example, it will stick out to you how this is not what you’d normally expect from a hip-hop record, and that is what makes it special. It is in the artist’s individuality and authenticity that this stunning work of art can be hailed as its own. He throws in a bit of everything from anime, dance, rock, old school, and electronic influences to make for such an immersive listening experience.

“No Kuffz – Radio Edit” has a wavy quality to it. There is this current exuded in the beat that transports a listener to another world. The beat is smooth, catchy, and irresistibly hypnotic, with some refreshing twists and turns that keep it dynamic and exciting. It’s like listening to something haunting and beautiful as well.

“Dymon Mind” features prominent dance influences. The pulsing bass, driving melody, and electronic components create the perfect backdrop for Nix’s rap vocals as he skims over the rhythm with confidence and charisma. This track transcends the conventions of the genre by seamlessly blending the pulsating rhythms of melodic dance pop with the commanding presence of a driving hip-hop vocal.

A track like “2z – Radio Edit” is smooth with a mellow and chill soundscape that hits a listener right in the nostalgia. The gentle production wraps around Nix’s vocals with a warm embrace, making for such an amazing listening experience.

“Pinky X the Brain” fits the mold of a street anthem. It is vibrant and energy-fueled, and the way Nix shapeshifts with his performance makes it more captivating. There is just something about his performance that gets you heavily invested in the jam.

“Hell Pass – Radio Edit” is the longest jam off of the mixtape, and for a good reason. This is a compelling mix of introspection and lyrical prowess. The track encapsulates Nix’s thoughtful exploration of old-school sound, echoed in its innovative sound and narrative depth.

The introspective approach to the track “Introverted – Radio Edit” is a further testament to Nix’s artistic depth and strong connection with his audience. This performance stands as a powerful showcase of Nix’s talents, marked by world-class flow and masterful wordplay.

In the final track, “Stokt Up – Radio Edit,” Nix continues to redefine hip-hop boundaries, delivering a fresh sound characterized by signature trap synths, hi-hats, pounding bass lines, and resounding 808s, complemented by his slightly manipulated vocals.

“King Hyena” mixtape serves as an auditory feast for anyone with an open mind who would love their refreshingly innovative hip-hop sound. Enjoy!


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