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Rapidly Rising Entertainer Mellah Nix Blazes the Trail, Gearing Up for the Release of “Stokt Up”, a Standout Single From His Upcoming “K1NG HYENA” Mixtape.

Versatility finds a new embodiment in Mellah Nix’s artistry, a phenomenally gifted digital and creative art musician and rapper who flirts with his broad diversity and range of influences in his sound that cannot be confined. An artist blazing his own undeniable lane, he is someone who learned how to survive at a young age after his own mother was murdered when he was just seven years old. When everything else around him did not make any sense at all, he turned to music to seek solace, and that is how his passion for the craft was indeed ignited.

Just like a hyena has learned the art of survival and maneuvering in the jungle owing to its high intelligence and instinct levels, Nix has learned to find his own niche lane, mark his territory, and then stamp his authority in the music jungle.

When the date hits July 7, 2023, Mellah Nix will be releasing something substantial, something that has been in the works for some time and a project that he is so proud to release: the “K1NG HYENA” mixtape. A project set to highlight Nix’s artistic vision and the Hyena-like instincts and jungle principles that have flanked his career thus far.

“STOKT UP” is a single off of this project and a soul-stirring one. Through the thick wave of rhythm and melody, Nix’s performance comes alive with his gritty and street-inspired flow shining through, exuding such a sharp lyrical tone that can be compared to a Hyena’s front teeth!

This aggressive rap brings to mind the hypnotic rough rock of the 80s, which was accompanied by distinctively rough lyrical patches that were almost drowned out by the thriving heavy instrumentation.

Even by Nix’s high standards, he truly goes the extra mile to deliver a captivating listening experience.

In anticipation of this upcoming release, fans are encouraged to get a glimpse of Nix’s talent. Follow the attached link and tune into this yet-to-be-released banger with the volume at its maximum.

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For real-time updates on Mellah Nix’s future projects, make sure you follow him on Instagram.

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