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International Dutch masked DJ and producer MELON’s dance-inspired cover, “Hello (Drum & Bass)” is the work of significant ingenuity!

For some time now, the airwaves and playlists all over have been dominated by the international Dutch masked DJ and producer MELON following his staggering 51-track debut compilation named, “This Is MELON, Vol. 1” that has been popularly acclaimed going on to peak at #4 on the revered Billboard Electronic/Dance Album Chart.

Collaborating with Dance Fruits Music and other upcoming artists, MELON got into the studio and made global timeless hits that have gone on to underscore his godfather status when it comes to electronic dance music. And for someone who has already managed to woo more than four million Spotify monthly listeners, you can tell where this is going; – straight into superstardom!

From his 51-track compilation the dance-inspired covered, “Hello (Drum & Bass)” complements the album as a whole reaching a defiant peak, wrapping things up whilst elevating the near-euphoric sound of a committed producer and DJ on an unrivaled high.

This is one of those epic covers that respectfully honors the original whilst using its innovative foundation as a trampoline to reach new exciting grounds. The level of ingenuity unleashed here with just a coherent blend of the drums and bass is worthy of critical praise and is little wonder why the track has already managed to garner over 795K Spotify streams.

The upbeat tempo emanating from the deep-driving and fast-paced beats and grooves flanked by the enchanting, captivating, and euphoric vocals is adrenaline-rushing and goosebumps-raising…not forgetting it makes you want to dance the night away with carefree abandon as you inhabit a state of music-induced euphoria.

Both MELON and Dance Fruits Music embraces the listener with a wholly electrifying, stage-show-ready sound; highlighting artists who live to create.

I fear I lack enough words to convey the true depths of my appreciation for such ingenuity as unleashed in “This Is MELON, Vol. 1” in its entirety. This is what dance music used to feel like…at least from what I can remember!

Attached below is the link to musical excellence; follow it and revel!

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