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Neo-classical composer Michele Nobler strikes all the right notes with his soft, melancholic, and chilling piece, “What We Feel”

Michele Nobler creates ambient, classical piano-driven music. His overarching ambition is to tell his own stories without lyrics, which allows people to connect with the music on an emotional level. The journey began with a simple love for music, and it has evolved into a timeless musical journey. Every song he releases has a life of its own, and he is now gearing up for the release of his album, “Glass Boxes” which is scheduled for January 2024. Michele has promised a brand new track every month, leading to the release of the full-length album in January 2024.

“What We Feel” really resonates with the title; it is a soft, relaxing, and melancholic piece of music with an overall chilling tone that leaves you emotionally gratified and addicted to its soothing vibe.

It is always incredible when a song inspires deep thoughts, evokes strong emotions, and leaves you with something to think about long after the final notes have disappeared. “What We Feel” behaves similarly, and it’s sensational, really!

The thoughtfully played piano notes echo the track’s larger theme about those deep emotions that we harbor inside of us, resonating with a listener’s soul and cutting right through the heart thanks to the blissfully melancholic mood exuded here.

The accompanying music video, which features beautiful scenes of Michele skillfully playing the piano, the sea, and the beach, is as powerful as the song itself and really captures the song’s essence and narrative with striking efficiency.

The depth of the song’s emotions has been attractively complemented by the skillful execution of the music…this piece is both immaculate and emotive.

Experience this outstanding piece of music for yourself. Follow the link below, subscribe to Michele Nobler’s YT channel, like the video, share your thoughts in the comments, and add the song to your playlist!



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