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Midnight Lover’s Club’s new single “The Black Ink Gallery” has won over fans and critics alike!

Midnight Lover’s Club is the musical project of one Erik Johnstone (formerly of Hometown & Young) who decided to expand his sound into a more orthodox style that honors conventional alternative rock music. Midnight Lover’s Club seamlessly blends that indie/alternative rock with electronic influences for a sound that has earned the band unanimous acclaim from music fans everywhere.

Midnight Lover’s Club’s latest single, “The Black Ink Gallery” has already been widely acclaimed with more than 31K streams on Spotify, for example; the more reason why you deserve this masterpiece in transcending electronic rock music in your playlist!

Built from the ground up, this tune draws its listener in from the word go. Even the inexperienced ear can grasp the technique and production that give the song its radio-friendly feel.

On the vocal front, the lead vocalist leaves nothing to be desired; he’s got the kind of velvety, cognac-colored vocals that are beautifully haunting and fit in perfectly with this kind of style.

This track also has that kind of pizzazz and style that add to its catchiness. The electronic percussive instruments add that sonic elegance and a brutal ray of flair to the arrangement that ultimately adds to “The Black Ink Gallery’s” opulence.

For context, “The Black Ink Gallery” builds on Midnight Lover’s Club’s earlier release, “The Debutant & The Dancehall” about a relationship slowly moving towards its inevitable end!

“The Blank Ink Gallery” is at once deeply emotive and evocative. Bar the undeniable technicalities, that vocal presentation powerfully breathes life into the lyrical content in a manner that is unforgettable.

The music industry has always been coming up with new and innovative ways to capture its audience, and Midnight Lover’s Club is no exception. “The Blank Ink Gallery” is a visceral listening experience that will leave you mesmerized, making for a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

To delve deep into this masterpiece, follow the attached link and let this brand-new single boost your playlist and warm your heart.

For more insight into Midnight Lover’s Club’s creative works, follow the attached Instagram handle.

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