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Experience Mimi Novic’s Guided Meditation Album ‘Dream House: The Journey’

Music can provide an audience with two important emotions: an escape from daily life and a deep sense of spiritualism that is difficult to find elsewhere. However, not every artist can convey the meaning of these two interventions to the audience through their songs. This is what distinguishes Mimi Novic from the contemporaries. Each of her compositions exudes a sense of spirituality and well-being that is seldom seen in recent works

Her most recent album, ‘Dream House: The Journey,’ is a guided meditation album that helps people relax and meditate. This album employs both words and music to help all listeners achieve a state of peace. Her voice is calming in this 6 track guided meditation album, and she also leads listeners through a deep visualization process that evokes images of tranquility and elegance. It helps those who want to feel more relaxed and peaceful not only throughout meditation sessions but throughout their lives.

‘Dream House: The Journey’ will take people through a variety of emotions. Whether it’s the voice or the melody on this album, each track is meant to provide healing calmness and relaxation in a special and successful way. The album is also suitable for those who want to get rid of their worries because all of the tracks on this album are totally meditative.


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