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Blues Singer, Cancer Survivor and Nurse Miss Freddye Confirms the Safety of Her Top-ranking Blues Empire With Another Transcendental Musical Piece, “Something To Believe In”

A hero in her own reach who has been using her soulful voice to give back and heal the society by giving them endearing grooves that withstand the culmination of time, blessing each and every generation, the new and old with fastidious grace. Hailing from the Western Pennsylvania hometown of Pittsburg, Miss Freddye began singing in church at a very tender age and that influence of the church and her own mother’s love of the blues gave her the perfect artistic foundation to indulge in the all-intriguing world of blues, starting her music career in 1996 where she joined the BMW (Blues Music Works). The rest as they say has been history as she has gone on to achieve admirably starting her own bands in the process. “Something to Believe In” is exactly as the title suggests and will give a hopeless listener something to hold on to despite the sometimes cruel world. Her harmonic and bluesy vocals and the blissful all-rounded orchestra performance will move you to bits fortifying your body, heart, and soul in the process.

8 Questions With Miss Freddye

This intimate and soothing and hugely motivational tune has everything you need in a blues masterpiece; talk about the specific chord progressions, the walking bass, call, and response integrated amicably with the blended mellifluous background vocals that support her lead vocals, the dissonant harmonies, the syncopation melisma and the flattened ‘blue’ notes to grab your attention and ensure that put the song on repeat, allowing yourself to be mesmerized at its fascinating composition each time it plays from the Intro to the end.

The catchy and melodically inviting chorus has been performed in such expressive vocal tonality driving the endless appeal of the song impeccably. The microtonal using pitches between the semitones that are defined by the piano keyboard are on point backed by the masterful infusion of the electric guitar towards the outro of the song. It would therefore come as no surprise to anyone that the song has amassed over 113.6 K streams on Spotify in such a short period since its release.

She currently has 7,900  monthly Spotify listeners and this latest release of the endearing single, “Something to Believe In” that is available on all streaming platforms is from her forthcoming gospel/roots release that is scheduled for 2022 release.

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8 Questions With Miss Freddye 8 Questions With Miss Freddye 8 Questions With Miss Freddye 8 Questions With Miss Freddye

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