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American Indie Artist Mister Davey Jones’ New Single “Fade” Is a Touching Ode to Alcohol Addiction!

Born in Charleston South Carolina, independent artist Mister Davey Jones always had a penchant for the classics and poetry and that is why many years later, we are talking of an up-and-coming artist who is making waves on the music scene with his limitless style of music that seems to not acknowledge any boundaries in sound. Through his jazz and soul-infused melodicism, Mister Davey Jones incorporates well-founded feelings and experiences that have happened to him and others and delivers them in a way that many listeners can relate. Mister Davey Jones objectively tries to share his view on life with his music. Breaking new ground with every step he takes, this promising artist’s star is guaranteed to burn brighter than most!

“Fade” is just one of those touching ballads that speak straight to your heart; Mister Davey Jones went all in to deliver what is a deeply meaningful and relatable piece as far as alcohol addiction is concerned. This track feels very special to me because I have had experiences with alcohol addiction and Jones’ every word feels like they are being spoken from my point of view.

The thing about alcohol and drug abuse is that its impact goes way beyond those who are fighting it! Adopting poetic-styled lyricism, Mister Davey Jones’ voice is very raw, soulful, and full of emotions as he delivers a touching ballad over laid-back jazz melodies. Straight-talking and honest, you can tell that this topic means a lot to Jones and that is why he is able to deliver such an identifiable tale as this.

For some who have been through this route of always feeling dependent; where you can’t wait for your next ‘fix’ even when you are feeling penitent; when you know you need help but you are too ashamed or even don’t know how to ask for it and you decide you need a drink before you know which action to take next; then “Fade” is the one resonate with!

This is the kind of track that gives me a new perspective; it actually gave me similar emotions as Dax’s “Dear Alcohol.”

For anyone battling alcohol and drug abuse, just know that there is hope and you will make it to the other side- you just have to hold on!

Follow the attached link so as to stream “Fade” and if you enjoy it as much as I did, add it as a favorite!

Follow Mister Davey Jones everywhere so as to keep tabs on his endeavor; he is expected to drop his new EP in January 2023.

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