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Up-and-coming Indian electronic music producer Mohit Khanna has released a new album titled “Let There Be Light,” now available on all platforms.

Mohit Khanna Let There Be Light

A web developer by day and electronic music producer and composer by night, Mohit Khanna’s music is simply an invitation to experience oneself to the fullest. This journey of self-discovery and emotional exploration range from literal to symbolic, as Mohit Khanna provides his listeners with a deep sense of connection and comfort through his innovatively crafted sounds. His music is eclectic, bridging the realms of deep house, rock, breakbeat, and big beat with creative and inventive finesse.

His sound is the culmination of a life that he has dedicated to self-discovery and creative exploration. This rare sound is not something you come across every day. Marked by an extraordinary level of compositional dexterity and meticulous attention to detail, this music is deeply personal, raw, and authentic and has the power to connect with listeners on a deeper level than most mainstream music.

After learning musical notation in Thailand last year and further honing his skills, Mohit Khanna began experimenting with tracks using his newfound expertise. This led to the creation of “Let There Be Light”—a 20-track album offering over an hour of immersive listening experience.

Let’s talk about that opening track dubbed “Beyond the Moonlit Sky”; an undeniable masterpiece in breakbeat music transcendence that has been punctiliously crafted and arranged, laid down with such exemplary proficiency. The deep-driving beats and fast-paced grooves exude such contagious energy. The percussive elements are hypnotic, and this track follows a consistent rhythmic pattern that keeps the listener aware and anticipating the incoming sound.

Encapsulating alternative culture and the sound and sights of the underground, “Beyond the Moonlit Sky” drives with intensely bass-heavy rhythms and a stop-start presence that is both refreshingly creative and unapologetically impactful!

“Albertan Documents” features an irresistibly memorable melodic line and is such a masterclass in deep house sound pieces. Guided by the epic rhythms and grooves pushing things forward, Mohit utilizes his intonation nimbleness to highlight such a unique contemporary approach to house and electronic music in general!

“Jamming on the Radio” is a radio-friendly transcendental body of work as Mohit Khanna brings such a level of originality to a timelessly composed track to offer a listener escapism as he captivates the audience in a way that perhaps hasn’t been done in quite some time. This top-notch balance of hypnotic rhythms makes you want to dance, and the intriguing and unpredictable aspects are guaranteed to stop anyone in their tracks…call that showmanship!

Bar its obvious technical strengths, “Jamming on the Radio” is the kind of feel-good dance track that inspires you to dance the night away in a state of music-inspired euphoria.

“Questions” is another bona fide standout that sees Mohit Khanna visualize and integrate this deeper and more atmospheric experience that expresses itself within the music. This track personifies an inimitable level of creativity that is rare and far between. The hypnotic production in “Toronto Towers” also showcases this creativity, allowing listeners to conjure images of a grand, beautiful, and towering Toronto as the deep-driving beats and energetic grooves flow from exquisite production and skillful composition.

I fear I lack enough words to convey my depth of appreciation for such an incredibly created and fully realized electronic body of work from an artist I feel has what it takes to usurp the status quo and go on to make his mark in the electronic music scene owing to his unrivaled level of musicianship. This kind of stunning innovation has been lacking in the music industry, and we could use more of it.

To experience the artistry that embodies musical excellence, follow the attached link and immerse yourself in this album until you feel the music resonating within you.

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