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Electronic music producer Motortaksi conjures up a steamy EP dubbed “Engineer in Sauna”

The sound rattles the ears, and voluntarily, you give in to its feel and thrill; the production is quite unique and not what you’d call cookie-cutter electronic music; it’s brilliant, and there’s that glimmer of ingenuity as the unique formula brims under the sonic spell of one Motortaksi, an electronic music producer who has forged his own path within the realms of music production, experimenting with a plethora of styles to come up with a sound he is happy to be associated with. If you are tired of listening to the same thing from different creators, then Motortaksi happily welcomes you into his sonic world, where he taps into uncharted waters, allowing listeners to view avant-garde in new ways that are essentially about the unknown. Motortaksi is, for me, that artist who stands out as one of my favorite discoveries of 2023.

Picture this: an engineer gets into that small room that is well-conditioned with hot air and steam for cleaning and refreshing the body. Now, picture the exact experience captured musically, from the time he gets into the relaxation process, dries himself, gets dressed, and finally leaves. Sensational right? Now imagine no more, because that’s exactly what Motortaksi offers with his new 5-track EP, “Engineer in Sauna”- a raw masterpiece in indie electronic music transcendence!

From the first track, he draws you into the moment, taking you on a journey—a journey of refreshment and introspection. Each track seamlessly transitions into the next without the EP losing its authentic shape, and when the music is over, you become completely lost in it.

This is music that breathes and feels alive and lets you escape into the engineer’s own world, featuring such a unique atmosphere and aesthetic that as soon as the last track finishes, you just want to play the music all over again.

A cornucopia of swirling synth leads, intricate percussion, driving bass lines, ethereal pads, drums, and organic components have been utilized in order to create tracks that are beautifully vast and with such spacious sonic brightness that feels good to listen to as they take components from electronica, rock, and indie and weaves them together into a wonderfully textured soundscape.

The opening track, “He’s Thinking” features a great combination of color and edginess and bears such an excellent drive and a deep groove that will have your ass shaking within seconds. The execution is really unique, with a plethora of intriguing electronic cadences and powerful synths.

“He Realized” is a sound of calmness, mirroring the figuring out of our protagonist, augmented by the refreshing feel that the sauna affords, and that’s why the beat here is simple and mellow with a hypnotic arrangement.

“He’s Drying Himself” unfurls with a vibrant melody, with the pounding drums a dominant arrangement in the track. It bears such a magnificent and deep drive that is best enjoyed over maximum volume.

“He’s Getting Dressed” feels like some fireworks have been sparked. The melody and rhythm are powerful and vibrant, the result of the sauna’s effect on the Protagonist who is obviously feeling much better than when he arrived.

“He Left” marks the climax of this enthralling experience, with thoughtful keyboard hits that are ear-catching and really a significant detail in this magnetic arrangement that allures a listener like a siren!

There you go, folks. “Engineer in Sauna” is worth your time; it is grand in scope and wonderfully expressive in its execution!


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Founder of Tunepical, a blog dedicated to sharing my love of music with you. I believe that music is the key to life, and if you're listening to the right songs at the right time, everything is possible!

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