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Musy Da Don is back with a sweeping clean and anthemic hip-hop party tune “On Me”

Musy Da Don On Me

Musy Da Don is your favorite act with Trinidadian roots and close ties to Brooklyn and Washington D.C. He was a producer first before he became an artist and has been in the music space for over 10 years – but it was not until recently that he decided to grab the bull by the horn and go all-in into the music industry by releasing his own music. He now has four released singles: “Bussit Down”, “Gotta Move On G.M.O”, “No Games” and “On Me”.

Musy Da Don makes real-life music inspired by real-life experiences and the different and diverse cultures and lifestyles of the vast places he has been to. With his lyrical dexterity and rap mastery, he fits in on any type of beat with ease and slinks his boom-made bars in stylish fashion, stunning listeners with his uniqueness and passing the vibe check on almost anything he lays claim on! His sound is hip-hop but it is not the ordinary hip-hop you’ve been accustomed to – this is special in both melodicism and lyricism with the way he allows himself to experiment on the beats and is able to manipulate any type of beat to fit in with his style – a unique ability that not many artists possess!

“On Me” is exactly the kind of track where his unique artistry is on display right from the intro to the outro. The way the beats have been layered following on his every move is a lyrical and melodic feast to the ears! The listener is served with that inviting allure right from the first note with the banging beat synths and the heavy bass, accompanied by the rocking 808s that are otherworldly! You will be hooked right away with this grooving tune and the outstanding rap vocal wordplay as displayed by Musy Da Don.

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The splendid bar delivery and the crispy melody with a story to tell works in magical tandem with the great and catchy hooks and the exemplary build-up to the chorus sections in this anthemic tune. The way the scintillating extra percussion hit through with clarity following the vocals and engaging in a clever call and response flair is a moment of artistic excellence that will stick in your head forever!

This hypnotic and party-themed blazing and hot tune will play in your head like a mantra demanding repeated listening experiences which you will happily oblige without putting on much of a fight. This has to be your weekend mood-booster and party starter that even a DJ cannot afford to miss on their set. To lose yourself into this stunning beauty, follow the attached link; stream it, save it as a favorite under your playlist and indict yourself into Don’s musical hall of fame!

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Established Hip Hop Artist ReachingNOVA Creates a Free-flowing Lyrical Course with His Single "C'est La Vie"   

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