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International musical duo N-Fusion is back with a profoundly touching single, “In These Streets” inspired by homelessness.

About two decades ago, an online meeting between Los Angeles-based Haph Breed and Bristol, UK-based Claire Louise Sibley marked the beginning of something both new and great. An instantaneous musical connection was forged that saw the birth of N-Fusion, the duo’s name, with Haph contributing as a rapper and producer and Claire ensuring those ideas resonate. Together, they have challenged the status quo, creating a distinctive sound that transcends both stylistic and genre boundaries as well as continental borders. Blending their musical ideas and tastes, the two of them have been able to come up with a sound that is remarkable, unique, and has instant appeal. They take the organic soul sound and mesh it with raw hip-hop and R&B with some modern-day pop twists for a sound with wide-ranging appeal, which is why so many music fans find them to be exciting and easily likeable.

With music in general, it is not always about entertaining but also inspiring, empowering, and talking about the societal issues so many people are facing, and that’s why N-Fusion’s latest single, “In These Streets” delves deeply into the core of homelessness and the real issues being faced by homeless people all around the world.

A raw and authentic masterpiece that doesn’t tip-toe around its subject matter, “In These Streets” vividly paints the picture for a listener about what it is like to have no place to call home, delving into both the physical and emotional turmoil that this situation brings.

As with most of their tracks, this jam is also eclectic, with an unmistakable soul and R&B foundation that is accentuated by the subtle hip-hop influences, making for such an ear candy with a deeply meaningful theme at its core.

The skillful execution of the music beautifully complements the depth of the lyrics. The lyrics are easy to quote and identify with even if you have not really suffered homelessness, and that is truly indicative of exceptional artistry.

Catchy sing-along hooks add to the anthem-like quality of the tune. The official lyric video available on YouTube allows a listener to connect more with the lyrics and engage with them on a deeper level.

With that said, I highly recommend experiencing this standout jam by checking out the link below, subscribing to N-Fusion’s YouTube channel, liking, sharing, and adding it to your playlist!



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