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Atlanta Based Pop Rock Songstress Nadia Vaeh Has a New Effortlessly Likeable Song Dubbed, “Promise Not to Kill You” That Is Set to Be Officially Released on 21st October

In her artistic world, the weight of lyrics and the elegance of sound design are undoubtedly important; Nadia Vaeh is an Atlanta Native who has always possessed an insatiable liking for creative art and music ever since she was little. She always wrote poems since she was a little girl and her late mom a poet herself fueled that passion within her and she occasionally found it as her own creative outlet. She possesses a mammoth heart and towering depth displayed in her altruistic nature of giving back to the community using the proceeds from her music. Her style is not really restricted to one genre being heavily inspired by lifelong musical influences and her own cultural adventures in Netherlands Island sounds and Lebanon- still it has firm foundations in pop and rock!

Her journey has however not been bread and butter as she has faced some life-shuttering and heart-wrenching moments starting with when she lost her mom to suicide when she was a teenager aged 17 years. This really did take a toll on her and her own artistry seeing that she went into self-destruction mode and her promising music career was devastatingly affected.

She was able to dig herself up from rock bottom and the accomplished and inspiring artist she is now is a result of sacrifice, careful persistency, determination and hard work to make a name for herself despite the odds that were waging against her. She exemplifies optimum resiliency and qualifies as a role model for young aspiring female artists – there is always hope for anyone to make it through the mud and smile again.

She is now back with another arresting and imposing new track titled, “Promise Not To Kill You” and before you ask, no she is not killing anyone. It is a metaphorically inspired track that reaffirms her commitment to a relationship choosing to turn over a new leaf from her previous self who preferred not to commit physically and emotionally!

She is expected to release this single come 21st October 2022 on all digital streaming platforms. As always a listener can expect a delivery brimming with unbridled passion with emotionally relatable lyrics to keep you engaged and demanding for more!

This is a pop rock classic and upbeat track with melodies more inclined to the rock side and as soon as they make contact with your ears, the skillfully crafted and addicting melodies can’t help but arouse your feelings, transporting you to blissful places that you’d wish to make camp!

Nadia Vaeh allows a listener to revel in the sonic tornados as she unleashes her extremely confident demeanor that reaches unprecedented heights. Her vocals are faultlessly powerful and commanding and her delivery is first-class. It is intriguing how she effortlessly invokes emotions even without straining effort!

“Promise Not To Kill You” will be enjoyed by rock enthusiasts and the way Nadia Vaeh seamlessly blurs the line between a wide range of genre definitions and innovative ideas here will also be appreciated by an extensive brand of listeners with open hearts who prefer a little color and flavor improvised into their music.

Mark 21st October on your calendar and follow Nadia Vaeh everywhere so as to receive real-time updates on this and her future projects!

Nadia Vaeh has much more coming up and I’d hate for you to miss out on it- wearing her heart on her sleeve, she is set to continue astonishing the music world and even out of it- watch this space!

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