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New York-based rap and R&B artist Nanii Blanco Dacapo returns with a new purposeful track titled “Narcissist.”

Nanii Blanco Dacapo seamlessly blends reverence for classic hip-hop and R&B with an imaginative production style to create her own deeply personal brand of music that has won her over fans and critics alike. Since getting into the music scene in 2013, she has been steadily expanding her reach, honing her craft, and winning over fans around the world. She’s got the stage presence, the charisma, and an undeniable star glow that announces itself effortlessly wherever she is on stage. Her greatest gift as a storyteller is her innate ability to transform her experiences into melodies with universal appeal. Her latest single, “Narcissist,” marks a significant milestone in the artist’s career as she continues to make her mark on the music scene.

Taking a no-holds-barred lyrical approach, Blanco gets to the heart of this tune with vivid lyricism, calling out narcissistic behaviors in a relationship in an effort to raise awareness about mental health and domestic violence.

“Narcissist” arrives with an old-school beat, peppered with modern elements, that lays a captivating backdrop to delightfully complement Dacapo’s scene-stealing vocals and flows. Her emotive and impeccable delivery spans both rap and R&B, displaying her limitless creativity and versatility.

This is a bold and expressive track capturing the harsh realities of being with someone who cares only about themselves and has no capacity to understand or care about the feelings of others.

The song delves into the early signs of narcissistic behavior, and before you know it, you are grappling with mental health and toxicity. This song is your timely reminder to not ignore those signs, no matter how small they may be. You are far too important to be treated otherwise, and that’s why the message here is clear as day: if it’s not working for you, make the decision to leave before it’s too late.

This message is so important, and the artist who delivered it did so skillfully and in a lovely package.

Support the artist’s message of awareness by streaming and adding “Narcissist” to your playlist and sharing it.

Catch Nanii Blanco Dacapo on Instagram for more exciting updates.

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