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Canada-based singer-songwriter and composer Nathaniel Sutton is set to release his new EP titled “A Brighter Sound.”

Nathaniel Sutton A Brighter Sound

Based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Nathaniel Sutton is a multi-gifted musician, singer-songwriter, composer, and audio engineer whose ambitious sound explores the diverse sonic landscape of folk indie rock. He is a versatile artist who is not shy about exploring alternative country, pop, and even more cosmic ambient sounds in service of something eclectic, powerful, and emotive.

As an artist, Nathaniel Sutton is deeply sentimental and is not shy of delving deep into his vulnerable side in order to come up with a sound that listeners can identify with on a more personal and emotional level. While mostly drawing inspiration from his own life experiences—the triumphant, tumultuous, and heartbreaking experiences—he always likes to leave his music pretty open-ended so that the listeners can interpret it for themselves and find relatability in their own way; he wants them to find their own stories within the lyrics!

Nathaniel Sutton has an upcoming EP titled “A Brighter Sound” that he is set to release officially on June 2, 2023. A 5-track collection that was inspired by his life after divorce, this EP features deeply emotional and hopeful narratives meant to offer solace and sanctuary to its listener.

“Razor Blades” is the opening track and a tune I feel is a huge testament to the power of music in capturing the essence of human experiences and the deep emotions that come with them. When the pandemic hit, the lockdown and uncertainty surrounding it weren’t the only thing Nathaniel had to contend with; his 11-year marriage was falling apart. His wife was filing for divorce.

After taking some time to heal, he deemed it fit to transform the kind of emotions he went through into this melody with near universal appeal. It is often fascinating how someone else’s pain can be turned into art for others to escape, and Nathaniel’s “Razor Blades” is exactly that. He is such a gem for delivering something so intimate, thoughtful, and heartfelt that builds from a stripped-back, mellow guitar and is backed by Sutton’s profoundly touching voice that is comforting and healing in equal measure.

As this track gains pace, that melodic edge of rock comes out clearly.

“Animals” is another tune delivered with such profundity and soul as Nathaniel taps into his vulnerable side with lyrics exploring the conundrum of not knowing when and how to let go. This is an all-too-familiar situation where you find yourself holding on even when you are still hurting, maybe holding on to some faint hope, and in the end, you end up being disappointed…certainly more disappointed in yourself than the situation you were holding on to!

“The Metaphor” has a rhythmically mesmerizing flow and is a sing-along with replay value. Building on a vivid story utilizing visual metaphors, it is fitting that the track is titled “The Metaphor.” And I also feel this is one of the songs from the entire collection that has a lighter tone compared to the others.

If there was one particular word that I would say this EP has an abundance of, that word would be emotion. On the vocal front, Nathaniel also puts in a lot of soul and character to make sure a listener has a memorable listening experience that connects to them on a deep emotional level.

Nathaniel’s voice also holds so much effortless power; it is equal parts cognac and velvety and really ingratiates itself with the listener naturally.

“A Brighter Sound’ will officially debut on June 2, 2023, on all the streaming platforms, and Sutton would very much appreciate it if you were to experience the depth of his artistry and sentimental music that reaches the core of emotional gratification.

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