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Memphis based emcee Nero Glace is back with another street anthem dubbed “Sneaky Link,” featuring Hp Debo

Nero Glace is the name you need to familiarize yourself with because you will be hearing quite a lot of it lately; this rapidly rising hip hop entertainer has been taking over the south coast rap scene with his undisguised beats and sharp-witted bangers. His lyrical prowess is undeniable; growing up in the streets has earned him a street-smart lyrical ability that cannot be matched by his peers. His innate ability to spin words into intricate, beautiful webs of meaning has always been something to behold.

“Sneaky Link” is the third time Nero Glace is linking up with Memphis-based lyricist Hp Debo for a track; the two previously generated buzz with that attention-grabbing freestyle performance in “Yeen Neva Freestyle”.

“Sneaky Link” is equally trend-grabbing with its bouncing trap-inspired beats backed by an intoxicating concoction of punchline-heavy, wordplay-flavored, and rhyme-inspired bars. And that chorus slaps like hell—it will remain ingrained in your head for quite some time and really augment the anthemic quality of this certified street banger.

Like always, Hp Debo does not disappoint; coming through with his distinct voice and dropping some ferocious rhymes that perfectly fit in with the track’s essence and narrative.

With more than enough anthems about the ladies, Nero Glace deemed it fit to write one that celebrated manhood and relationship success. This is that banger that reflects a man who has owned his masculinity and is in control, not easily swayed or manipulated.

Nero Glace delivers on both fronts—both as a singer and rapper—demonstrating such versatility and artistic range with a near-flawless execution. “Sneaky Link” is a certified street anthem and one that effortlessly boosts the vibe in any setting to get crowds on their feet, moving like no one’s watching!

For some time now, Nero Glace has proved to be a force to be reckoned with, and this is just the beginning for him…he has barely scratched the surface and already has wannabe rappers scampering for safety!

There is so much in the works for Nero Glace, and hopefully many more collaborations with Hp Debo whom they seem to have such a strong chemistry.

To listen to “Sneaky Link,” follow the attached link and save this banger to your playlist ASAP!

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