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Fast-rising NJ-based band Neveragain punk-rock your senses with their latest thrilling performance, “Red”

In case no one has mentioned it to you, the New Jersey-based budding quartet Neveragain is the face of new punk rock, making waves with their authenticity, relatability, and raw energy. Listening to their music or watching them perform live, you’d think they invented the very demeanor of punk with its raw, untamed energy, electrifying riffs, crunchy guitar solos, punchy drums, and solid bass, as well as the aggressively expressive vocals. With Neveragain, what you see and wish for is what you get. A rich tapestry of pop-punk, punk rock, and alternative rock allows them to create this dynamic and eclectic sound that is evocative and invites the listener beyond the conventional boundaries of music.

Their debut single, “Catching Fire,” was well-received and has gone on to garner massive buzz on the punk-rock scene, a huge testament to Neveragain’s commitment to authenticity, artistic integrity, and emotional depth. Riding off that tremendous wave of momentum the debut has created, they are back with another banger; “Red” is the title of this, and just like the color, this is an unmissable and unmistakable tour de force.

Together with Alan Day of Four Year Strong, they wrote this song, which is an energetic and unforgettable masterpiece that stays in your head long after the last notes have faded.

The crunchy guitar solo sets quite the tone for the song before lead vocalist Joe showcases what he’s made of with his self-assured, aggressively raw vocals, as the infectious blend of the punchy drums, solid bass, and bright guitars make it extremely hard for you to listen to this jam without moving your body!

Most of the time, someone else is always the villain in our relationship stories…but not with “Red.” Here, you become the villain in your own story; that toxic ex that the other person is talking about. This explains the raw intensity of the performance, which feels like it really hit a chord with each member of Neveragain!

With that said, I feel it is necessary for you to meet and experience what could possibly be your newest favorite punk anthem. Relish like it was created just for you…because it was!


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Founder of Tunepical, a blog dedicated to sharing my love of music with you. I believe that music is the key to life, and if you're listening to the right songs at the right time, everything is possible!

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