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The young voice of hip-hop, NEXT KIDS WORLDWIDE is giving kids back control of their own musical content.

Tim Greene, the former popular Los Angeles and Philly radio and TV personality, presidential and humanitarian award-winner, philanthropist, and 2-time Billboard Top 100 songwriter, among so many other achievements, including discovering the 72-year-old rapping granny, is the sole owner of the Trademark NEXT KIDS WORLDWIDE; an altruistic project meant to give back musical control to kids. This online radio project that started out in Hollywood, California, is recognizing kids’ talents in hip-hop, playing their music and mixtapes, and organizing workshops and seminars where their input is highly valued and integrated into decision-making.

Sometimes all our kids want to do is be heard. NEXT KIDS WORLDWIDE is not only lending them an ear but also giving them a platform for their voices to be heard on a global level. This is the kind of radio you want your kid to be listening to. The music resonates with them on so many levels, and the talents are really outstanding.

This is part of Greene’s many philanthropic projects, including the one where he has given out more than 400 computers to kids from low-income families. With NEXT KIDS WORLDWIDE, he wants kids aged 5–13 to feel valued and give a chance for kids’ music that is positive, inspiring, and entertaining.

So, as a parent, guardian, big brother, or cousin, you don’t have to cringe every time a certain kind of music plays on the radio because NEXT KIDS WORLDWIDE have got you covered. And, as you will soon realize, the music is dope as well.

I’ve actually listened to some of the stuff there, and it’s informative and really entertaining. There are songs about not talking to strangers, putting in the work, and some danceable ones to get the kids nae nae-ing like no one’s watching!

This is the only network where your kid is the star of the show, and they have control and choice. If you want your kid to be part of NEXT KIDS WORLDWIDE, all you have to do is check out the website WWW.NEXTKIDSWORLDWIDE.COM and if you have a talented kid with you, have them send their music and videos to [email protected] – they might be playing next on the radio, and wouldn’t that be amazing?


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